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Is there a possibility my course will be cancelled? November 11, 2019

Is there a possibility my course will be cancelled?

Is there a possibility my course will be cancelled?

Our common questions mini-series is still running!

At London Training for Excellence, we understand that booking a training course can be difficult, so our team of international professional training consultants are still answering some of our most common questions, for you to read about here in our blog.

Today in our, ‘most common questions,’ mini-series, the common question we will address is, ‘Is there a possibility that my training course will be cancelled?’

At London Training for Excellence we understand that it is extremely important for you, that your training course provider is reliable.

We have heard stories about other training providers, that have taken bookings in advance only to cancel them with short notice leaving delegates with non-refundable travel plans.

Furthermore, strategically designed and timebound training programmes, planned carefully by Human Resources managers, must be postponed. Managers and staff are left stuck, with their training plans on hold.

If a proposed rescheduled date is offered it may not be suitable for the delegate and the delegate’s needs and unfortunately there is no guarantee that the rescheduled course will not be cancelled once again.

Whether it is due to, ‘minimum numbers,’ not being met for the course attendance or any other hosts of reasons, it leaves the delegate at a major disadvantage!

At London TFE we will never cancel a confirmed booking!

There is no minimum number of delegates for the course to be confirmed and the course can be confirmed months in advance so that you can plan any arrangements necessary, in advance.

You can rest assured that we will not cancel your confirmed course last minute and we will not disrupt your training, accommodation or even your holiday plans!

If you are looking for reliability, then London Training for Excellence is the right course provider for you!

To find out more about how our course confirmations work, contact us today and our friendly international training consultants will be more than happy to explain the process. You can reach us on +44 0207 183 6657 or contact

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