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Legal pitfalls for the chemical engineer May 15, 2018

Legal pitfalls for the chemical engineer

Legal pitfalls for the chemical engineer

Chemical Engineering is a sector which involves the production and transformation of chemicals for commercial purposes, often in the process of manufacturing.

Common products designed and developed through chemical engineering include various plastics, detergents, paper and cement.

The industries in which Chemical Engineers work are highly regulated. Laws are more and more strict regarding to environmental standard and emission of chemicals in air, water and land. So, it is the biggest challenge to protect the environment with the economic running of a chemical plant.

Below are the reasons why chemical engineers are highly regulated:

It has adverse effects on the environment.

Crude oil can be used to create a chemical reaction but the bad thing about using it is that when burned, it emits carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. We all know that carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere contributes to global warming.

Many reactions that you create, have by products that effect the environment and can really contribute to global warming. This may not be the easiest thing to think about for some.

It is harmful to human health.

Byproducts of chemical reactions are harmful to human health. The pollution the byproducts create isn't friendly for the environment. Because of this, scientists are looking at renewable energy sources that are more efficient and less harmful for both humans and the environment. Right now, we have alternatives such as solar energy and wind energy.

When working with all the toxic chemicals needed to create a finished product, accidents may seem easy to occur and can directly effect your health.

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