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London TFE receive recognition from the ILM November 30, 2017

London TFE receive recognition from the ILM

London TFE receive recognition from the ILM

London, UK, November 2017

London Training For Excellence (TFE) has this week been recognised by the ILM as an approved centre for training and learning. Acknowledging London TFE’s hard work in delivering quality training courses not just in the UK but internationally too.

The ILM is passionate about helping businesses and people harness the power of leadership and be a success.  It is the UK’s top leadership and management qualifications specialist, producing more talented leaders than anyone else in the industry.

Through their network of over 2,000 approved centres the ILM provide services for individuals, employers and training providers. They specialise in leadership, management, coaching and mentoring, but also offer the following:

  • Qualifications
  • Certification of your bespoke programmes
  • Training Resources
  • Apprenticeships

London TFE is an international training provider based in the UK, in fact it is the fast growing training provider in the country. Their mantra is to improve performance through highly relevant, innovative programmes that enable the student to experience new prospective by learning in new environments.

London TFE offer over 300 courses across 21 countries and pride themselves on transforming the training landscape, impacting organisations and individuals alike, through measurable and sustainable programmes and solutions. 

Kassim Hantouli, General Manager of London TFE said, “We are very happy to have received recognition from the ILM. It is acknowledgement of our hard work and persistence to ensure we deliver high quality training courses to businesses and individuals. We believe it is important for people to be able to apply their learnings from our courses to their daily working life”

For more information on the training courses on offer at London TFE please visit their courses listing here. If you require further information on anything mentioned in this press release please contact Kassim Hantouli (

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