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Managing a project into success October 12, 2016

Managing a project into success

Projects unite the members of a business's team in a way that daily business operation may not, in order to successfully achieve the goals of the project. To establish a successful and thriving business, an organisation must be able to seamlessly handle these abnormal projects, often with a group of people not used to working together. This can form a bit of a pressure cooker effect; the project may involve multiple participants with a variety of opinions pulling the project in a variety of directions. Organisation is paramount and adequate management of the project by dividing it into time managed segments can provide you with a successful completed project.

However, an issue may arise when a project lacks the funding necessary for its completion, meaning the acquisition of stakeholders may be necessary. Subsequently then, so does the need to create suitable presentations to stakeholders. Working with new colleagues and with external stakeholders may be challenging but if sufficiently managed can form successful long-term partnerships.

What you will need to think about before you take on a project

  • Do you know how to understand the basic jargon of project management and grasp what the responsibility of a project management executive are when implementing a project?
  • Have you recognised how and why a project may have failed in the past, observing potential reasons for its failure?
  • Do you recognise what role a third party may play in a project and how this involvement may be regulated?
  • Have you prepared how to plan a budget effectively to ensure the successful completion of the project?

We have a course for that!!

The project management course with London TFE is designed to cover the key points of handling your project from start to finish. The courses are divided into four main sections; they explore how to write project proposals, they go through the steps of building a project, how to divide a workload up as a project manager, how to assesses what you will learn from the project, and finally they will teach you how to allocate costs for the project. You will leave the course knowing how to appropriately critically analyse your project from conception to completion. 

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