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Maximise the benefits of your business trip! August 6, 2019

Maximise the benefits of your business trip!

Maximise the benefits of your business trip!

Travelling for work can have many bonuses such as experiencing a new city, culture and cuisine. You may have the opportunity to network with other professionals and colleagues internationally. You may even get the opportunity and time to go sightseeing, experience a city’s famous landmarks, learn about the history of the city and visit the highlights it has to offer. What an amazing experience to combine with work?

Unfortunately, as well as an upside there is also a downside.

The downside to business travel can be the toll it takes on people’s schedules. You may get less sleep due to odd flying times, you may experience jet lag when flying across different time zones, you will also have less time in an office meaning it can be tricky to stay on top of emails and without a routine you may also lose time for exercising.

In order to make sure the pros of business travel outweigh the cons, there are things you can do in order to make sure your business trip is the best it can be!


You can reduce the downside of business travel by following the simple 3 tips below:


1. Enjoy the comfort of a premium airport lounge.

Premium airport lounges are seriously under rated as being essential for business travellers!

Designed to cater to many needs of business travellers, entering an airport lounge will help improve the travel experience substantially and in many ways. The 2 biggest benefits are discussed below.

Firstly, premium airport lounges allow travellers to experience comfortable and relaxing spaces (as well as workspaces) to wait for their flight as opposed to sometimes noisy, crowded and uncomfortable seating that is available in terminal boarding areas. A relaxing space will be much less tiring than waiting for the flight at the terminal gate, particularly if you are unlucky and experience a flight delay.

Secondly, premium loungers offer unlimited and high speed Wifi to guests so that they can browse the internet for leisure and work while waiting for their flight! Access to comfortable working spaces and highspeed Wifi allows business travellers the perfect opportunity to catch up on some work emails and reduce the negative impact of being out of the office.  

At London Training for Excellence we include complimentary access to Plaza Premium Lounges for our business training delegates that are travelling to and from our international training courses. We want our delegates to have the best experience possible.


2. Do your research on sightseeing and things to do.

In order to make the most of your free time whilst on your business trip, make sure you are prepared before going!

If you are interested in sightseeing whilst away on your business trip, make sure you invest some time in researching the city before you get there! Be doing so you will be able to hit the ground running as soon as your business for the day is finished!

Map out the places you want to see most and research how to get there from where you are staying or working. Try to buy tickets to attractions online beforehand to reduce the wait time once you are there and even more importantly avoid missing out on tickets all together if they sell out for the day.

By pre-organising an itinerary of your must see, things to do, you will save a lot of time choosing what to do on the day, getting around the city and getting into the attraction - therefore maximising your sightseeing time!

London Training for Excellence are currently working on building some City Guides for our delegates to be able to refer to when planning to visit an international city for their training course. Stay tuned for more information on these guides when they are ready to be released!


3. Utilise hotel pools and gyms.

As mentioned earlier, when you are travelling for work it can be hard to stick to a routine and you may lose time for important activities such as exercising.

Fortunately, there is an easy solution to this negative aspect of business travel that may not always be obvious to business travellers!

Before travelling make sure you are booked into a hotel that has facilities such as a pool or a gym! Many hotels now offer these facilities as they are extremely popular with guests that are travelling for work as well as leisure.

Although you may not usually go swimming or to the gym for exercise, whilst away on a business trip why not try something new as a treat? These hotel owned facilities are mostly indoors and usually not overcrowded. No excuse for bad weather or bad company!


London Training for Excellence are always trying to improve the business travel experience of the delegates that attend our business training internationally. Why not contact us today to discover the unexpected benefits you will experience when choosing us as your business training partner?

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