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Myths about online training debunked December 24, 2018

Myths about online training debunked

Myths about online training debunked

Online training is fast becoming one of the most popular methods of delivering training.  Many did not understand the value of education taught so differently from traditional learning within confines of a classroom. However, that did not stop online learning from successfully becoming a large part of today’s educational sector.

But if you’re still on the fence, it might be because you’ve heard some irrational stories about online learning.

Here are a few myths we at TFE have debunked:

Online Courses are Easy: One of the common myths that people assume about online classes is that they are easy by nature. This is a complete myth! Online courses have the same curriculum as any course taken in a classroom, the teaching method is all that is different- and by that we mean, it’s merely taught online.

It’s Hard to Use an Online Classroom: Unfortunately, this false notion drives away potential online learners constantly. Although some students might struggle with technology, online learning has developed more user-friendly tools, enabling a greater number of students to utilize this option of learning.

You won’t get adequate instructor feedback: The fact is that online instructors provide at least the same if not more feedback to students in an online course. Instructors aim to provide meaningful feedback to bridge the distance gap. Instructors get to know students through their submitted course work and participation in class discussion forums.

Employers don't value online degrees: The virtual classroom simulates many of the modern technologies used in the workplace. It’s not uncommon for colleagues to communicate and collaborate online, so your online learning experience could prepare you for that interaction. Earning an online degree also demonstrates your commitment and self-motivation to advancing yourself and your career.

Deadlines Are Up to the Student: Online students must be careful about thinking they are in control of their due dates and schedules. Yes, online learning offers a greater amount of flexibility, but as with any class, students are still expected to be responsible adults. Those who turn assignments in on time are just fine.

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