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Switch on your training course in London this November October 15, 2019

Switch on your training course in London this November

Switch on your training course in London this November

Are you taking a training course in London this November? Wondering what things there are to do in London this November?

Perhaps you have been to London before and are looking for something unique or perhaps you would like to see a different side to London and explore the city at night? Well, not to worry as you are in for a real treat! November is the month where London literally switches on and lights up! Get ready for a lightbulb moment during your training.

Always a very festive city at Christmas time, it is November that sees to the start of the festive season in London and the magnificent Christmas light displays!

With quite a few “switch on” events taking place across the city, there is plenty to see and explore! So, if you would like to see a different side to London and to see something unique then make sure you pack some warm clothes, take notes of the dates below and get ready to see some spectacular sights (for free too!).


The top 3 biggest and best, light displays are listed below.

1. Oxford Street

Perhaps one of the most famous and busiest shopping spots in all of London, Oxford Street is also home to one of the most popular Christmas light displays in London. The twinkling lights are a special treat that set the scene when the street is bustling with busy Londoners trying to get their Christmas shopping done in time for the big day! The switching on of the lights is famous for attracting a huge crowd but unfortunately although taking place in early November the date is not confirmed and yet to be announced. If you do plan to attend, make sure you arrive early to try and get your spot amongst the huge crowd.

 2. Carnaby Street

Carnaby Street, another famous shopping spot in London, once known as the heart of the swinging 60’s, is also home to a fabulous light display. The lights in Carnaby Street are usually themed and appear to be a modern take on Christmas lights, fusing lights with popular culture. In 2018 the light display was a tribute to the iconic British rock band Queen. The lights were strung with lyrics of Queen’s most famous songs and incorporated the purple colours used for the promotion of the Bohemian Rhapsody film. With the recent release of Queen’s biopic film, Bohemian Rhapsody, original band members of Queen along with cast members of the film switched on the lights for a truly epic unveiling. With such an exciting, creative team behind the Carnaby lights, you can expect this year to be a knockout as well! Details of the new design can be found online but isn’t it more exciting to see them in person first?! I will leave that up to you. This year the switch on for Carnaby Street will take place on the 7th of November 2019. If you plan on going please check local websites to ensure that this date does not change!

3. Regent Street

Yet another extremely famous shopping spot in London, Regent Street is unique in its sense of grandeur. The light display at this spot is nothing short of magnificent in terms of size and design. More traditional than both Oxford Street and Carnaby Street, some designs include huge lights in the form of angels that dominate the street stretching from one side of the road to the other, high above the traffic and the bustling people below. Switch on is scheduled for the 14th of November but again if you plan on attending please check this date for any planned changes.

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