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The essential see, do and eat guide to Amsterdam September 10, 2019

The essential see, do and eat guide to Amsterdam

The essential see, do and eat guide to Amsterdam

Amsterdam is quickly becoming one of London Training for Excellence’s most popular training destinations and it is no surprise why!

Famous for iconic canals, lots of bikes, tulips, cheese and windmills, Amsterdam just has so much to offer!

Along with a soaking up the culture and lifestyle of this beautiful and relaxed city there is lot of very historic places to visit, along with a lot of museums and art galleries. On top of all of this, did we mention the food?! Along with traditional Dutch dishes such as fresh seafood, stews and sandwiches, there are a whole host of traditional Dutch desserts that you need to try!

London Training for Excellence are working hard at putting together a London TFE City Guide to Amsterdam, that will be an exclusive tourist guide to the city for our clients wanting to visit Amsterdam. You can trust our guide is accurate and up to date as we have travelled to Amsterdam ourselves to put it together and make sure that we have given the best advice possible to you, our clients! We will include where to go, what to see, where to shop, what to eat and how to get around. Along with some local facts and knowledge there will also be some local deals and offers exclusive to London Training for Excellence delegates visiting Amsterdam!

Although the guide is not ready just yet, in the meantime there are still a few tips we would like to share with you! So please read below our 3 quick SEE, DO and EAT tips if you are considering Amsterdam as your next training course location.

1. See –The Rijksmuseum. One of the most famous museums in the Netherlands, The Rijksmuseum is a national Dutch museum that captures up to 800 years of Dutch history from the Middle Ages to the present time with over 8,000 artistic historical objects. Famous paintings include Rembrandt’s, “The Night Watch,” as well as Vermeer’s, “Milkmaid,” and Van Gogh’s, “Self Potrait.” Definitely a must see to admire the art as well as the beautiful architecture of the building.

2. Do – A canal cruise through Amsterdam. The best way to experience Amsterdam’s iconic canals? Cruise through them first-hand and witness them for yourself from the water! There are many different cruise options through the city with most canal cruises lasting for approximately 60 mins with different departure, pick up and drop off points throughout the city. There are also many cruises that include meals or refreshments. You will get to experience Amsterdam as the locals do!

3. Eat – Traditional Dutch desserts. Number one tip in Amsterdam? Leave room for dessert! Traditional Dutch desserts are a must to try and with so many on the menu there is bound to be something for everyone! Some classics are Dutch apple pie served in generous helpings with cream. Pannekoeken (Dutch pancakes) served with various sweet or savoury toppings. Poffertjes (coin sized- fluffy pancake batter treats) served with fresh berries, lemon, butter or icing sugar. Lastly there are stroopwafels (Dutch caramel cookies), round in shape, they are two layers of thin dough waffles sandwiched together with caramel and available in different sizes. Irresistible especially when warmed, they are also great souvenirs to buy in packets and bring home to share (or not share!) with family and friends!

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