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The See, Do and Eat guide to Frankfurt November 13, 2019

The See, Do and Eat guide to Frankfurt

The See, Do and Eat guide to Frankfurt

Are you looking for a training destination that combines both the charm of medieval Europe with a modern twist?

Somewhere that is historical but will allow you to enjoy a beautiful, modern skyline?  

Have you considered taking a training course in Frankfurt?

Now a popular business centre for business professional from around the world, Frankfurt is an exciting mix of old and new!

Skyscrapers provide an impressive skyline across the city whilst there is also an Old town square that dates back to the 15th century.

If you are looking for a quick guide to Frankfurt or considering it as your next training course destination, we have the SEE, DO and EAT guide below!  


SEE - Römerberg Square. Set in the heart of Frankfurt and the Old Town (Altstadt), Römerberg Square, is an extremely charming medieval town square that dates back to the 15th century. The Römer, Frankfurt’s City Hall, is a highlight of the Römerberg Square and has been Frankfurt’s city hall since it was sold to the council in 1405.

The Römerberg Square is also home to The Fountain of Justice, that dates back to 1543 and stands tall and proud in the centre of the square. The statue is the goddess of Justitia, holding the scales of Justice and facing the Römer.

This square was traditionally used for many early trade fairs, markets and festivals throughout the Middle Ages and it still used for this purpose, to this day! The Frankfurt Christmas Markets are held here every year.

The Frankfurt Christmas markets are arguably the most popular of all German Christmas markets! The famous Christmas markets are definitely worth a look if you are visiting Frankfurt during Christmas season.


DO – Visit Main Tower. After experiencing the ‘old’ side of Frankfurt by seeing Römerberg Square why not also try the modern side by visiting the Main Tower.

Main Tower is the highest observation point in the City of Frankfurt! The building is 56 floors tall and 240 metres high including the antenna! It ranks as the 4th tallest skyscraper in all of Germany, which is pretty impressive!

The visitor’s platform is situated on floors 55 and 56 providing a spectacular, panoramic view over Frankfurt and the whole Rhine-Main region. There is also a restaurant and lounge on floor 53 for those that want to indulge in a lunch to remember!


EAT – Freshly baked pretzels. If you are not up for eating lunch on the 53rd floor, why not try snacking on some delicious and freshly baked German pretzels!

An integral part of the daily German diet, it is not only a local food but an essential food!

A delicious dough twisted into a knot and baked, pretzels are most commonly seasoned with salt, sesame seeds or even poppy seeds. Although lightly seasoned already, pretzels can be served warm with a bit of butter.

Very cheap and situated all around the city, Pretzels will be hard to avoid in Frankfurt so why not make it a priority to try one yourself!


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