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The SEE, DO and EAT guide to Prague November 26, 2019

The SEE, DO and EAT guide to Prague

The SEE, DO and EAT guide to Prague

At London Training for Excellence we offer training in over 24 locations, so no wonder it is difficult to decide where to travel to for your training course! As there are so many options why not choose a place you have never been before?

Would you consider taking a training course in Prague, Czech Republic? Is it a location you would like to visit but don’t know much about it?

Whether you have considered it or not before, please read our quick London Training for Excellence, SEE, DO and EAT guide to Prague, to find out more about the city and what you can experience if you visit Prague for a training course.

Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic has been nicknamed, ‘The City of Spires,’ due to the fairy tale like appearance of the city that is dotted with many gothic churches. The city is stunning as it is home to many colourful baroque style buildings and an amazing Old Town Square that is extremely impressive in size and always buzzing with excitement and activity as the centre of historic Prague.

At Christmas time the Old Town square is home to medieval Christmas Markets, the biggest in the Czech Republic, that are visited by hundreds of thousands of people. It is safe to say that Christmas is definitely a great time to visit and experience these markets.

Pair a visit to these markets with this guide and you are bound to have an amazing time!

SEE – The Prague Astronomical Clock. The Prague Astronomical Clock was installed in 1410 on the Southern wall of the Old Town Hall that is situated in the Old Town Square. Over 600 years old, the clock has been repaired and refurbished many times in history including repair damage during the second world war. Astronomical clocks are special clocks that display astronomical information with special dials and mechanisms. Astronomical information can include things such as the sun and moon constellations.

The astronomical clock in Prague has 3 components, the astronomical dial, statue figures on either side of the clock and a calendar dial that displays months. The design is visually impressive and certainly always draws a crowd on the hour, every hour as the clock comes to life with the figures moving around the clock to tell their tale. Why not join the crowd and see the clock for yourself?!

DO – purchase some Bohemia Crystal as a souvenir. The Czech Republic is extremely well known for its Bohemia Crystal and the manufacturing of fine glass. Produced since the 13th century in the Czech region of Bohemia, it is no wonder this is the best place to find the highest quality Bohemia Crystal in the world.

Crafted to meet traditional standards and processes, Bohemia Crystal is cut glassware that contains a certain percentage of lead that gives the glass a crystal sparkle when cut into various shapes and design. To this day, Bohemia Crystal from the Czech Republic is exported around the world as the finest cut glassware products in the form of magnificent glassware, vases, fruit bowls, dishes and candle holders. Why not buy a piece to feature somewhere in your home as a beautiful souvenir or bring a piece back as a unique gift for a loved one?

EAT – Trdelnik. Trdelnik also known as Chimney Cake, is an extremely popular sweet treat to try in Prague as you will find them being sold everywhere and with many different types of variations.

The cake is made from rolled dough that is wrapped around a wooden stick tool known as a Trdlo (it looks like a large rolling pin) and is cooked by grilling the dough as the Trdlo is used as a rotisserie spit.

The dough once cooked, comes off the Trdlo hollow and is crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside and sweet as it is topped with sugar that has slightly melted. It is common to eat the dough on its own, but it is also delightful to try one of the many exciting variations.

A popular variation is to have chocolate spread around the inside of the hollow cake and to then fill it with ice-cream, topping it with fruit or nuts. This is a delightful way to try the treat as the heat from the cake will melt the chocolate and act as a nice contrast to the cold ice cream! Make sure you try this and don’t forget to take a picture as it is an Instagram worthy snack.

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