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The top 5 issues facing HR leaders in 2022 December 18, 2021

The top 5 issues facing HR leaders in 2022

The top 5 issues facing HR leaders in 2022

Over the past two years, the way we live, and work has changed dramatically.

Although we can all appreciate how modern working is bringing about positive change to our work/life balance, it has been thanks to the quick thinking of HR leaders and departments these new practices were rolled out to employees so quickly and effectively.

As we near the start of a New Year, we understand you will be planning ahead and may wonder what challenges you may face, as Covid-19 continues to affect our daily lives.

To help you make effective plans, the experts at London Training have identified the top five issues HR leaders will be facing in 2022.

  1. Remote workforces

As a result of the pandemic, most office-based workers have been working from home, all or at least part of the week, since March 2020.

Although it was definitely a shock to the system, for employers and employees alike, working remotely has been so successful that hybrid or agile working is here to stay. But as HR departments quickly found out, flexible working means flexible approaches to the way they recruit, induct, communicate with and support staff.

To provide support, maintain productivity and also retain staff, at first, most things were thrust online, however, in hybrid environments, a mixed approach of in-person and online is successful in meeting ongoing work and wellbeing needs of an organisation.

Our Employee engagement and motivation course can help to keep staff engaged – wherever they are working from.

  1. Effective change management

Workforce burnout and fatigue is something to be aware of after almost two years of challenging changes brought in during the pandemic.

To ensure you protect your workforce going forwards, HR leaders need to prioritise reviewing their change management strategies during 2022. Add any learnings gained from your organisation’s response to COVID-19 and look to use your leadership team as the role models for any further changes needed.

If you need support with your change management planning, check out our five-day Change Manage course.

  1. Identifying skills gaps

With many companies having to refocus recently, workforce skills gaps are rife. To meet the challenge, HR departments will need to introduce processes to regularly analyse the current and future needs of the company against the skills the workforce brings.

Role-based skills assessments are useful for achieving this and working alongside your learning and development colleagues will help to identify where training needs can be met internally and where external support is necessary. This is particularly important since a global talent shortage has been seen recently.

Our Talent Management course will help you to build a high performing workforce in an environment which encourages continuous learning.

  1. Equipping future leaders

Ensuring you are properly equipping the company leaders of the future is also a key area to look at next year.

Middle managers can often be forgotten about in terms of learning and development, with organisations focusing on hands-on needs and supporting those at the top. However, investing in management training and in particular, developing managers who are aware of the needs of their team, will help make promoting from within a whole lot easier in the future.

Learn more about our popular training and succession planning on our course.

  1. Employee experience

Salaries are no longer the main draw to a job. In the modern world, employees are looking for a great employee package or experience to keep them in their current role or draw them into a new one.

Key themes HR leaders need to consider in this area include a positive and healthy working environment, flexibility, development opportunities as well as great benefits such as a competitive salary and leave entitlement.

Gain insights into how you can achieve success through your people with our Human Resource Management Course

HR leaders who plan ahead for the issues they may face in 2022 will naturally build a diverse and productive workforce, delivering the best possible service for your company.

If you need support in identifying where you and your team need support in preparing for next year, view our HR courses at or contact our team using our WhatsApp chat function.

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