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The types of training and what is best for you November 27, 2018

The types of training and what is best for you

The types of training and what is best for you

Employees always need training and refreshers on how to best perform their jobs and contribute to achieving corporate goals. Receiving continuous education also means they’re always on the cutting edge of industry developments.

It comes with no surprise that not everyone learns the same way. You may have noticed while on training, that some people will be paying rapt attention, taking diligent notes, while others may be falling asleep, or playing with their phone.  This is proof that some employee training methods don’t work for all employees.

Many methods of training are available, each has certain advantages and disadvantages.

Here we list the different methods of training:

  • Instructor-led training

Instructor-led training is the traditional type of employee training that occurs in a classroom, with a teacher presenting the material. This can be a highly effective method of employee training, especially for complex topics. Instructors can answer specific employee questions or direct them to further resources. They also allow for highly-skilled instructors to match the training level and style to the employees in the room. However, instructor-led training does have some drawbacks, including cost and time to implement. It can also be unnecessary for concise topics.

  • Hands-on Training Techniques

Hands-on training, also known as experiential training offers various techniques such as coaching, which focuses on the individual needs of an employee and is less formal than other techniques. In coaching, the supervisor, manager, or veteran employees serve as the coaches.

Apprenticeships basically give employers the opportunity to shape new and inexperienced employees in order for them to fit perfectly for existing and future jobs. Drills are also effective for enhancing employees’ practice skills. One advantage of hands-on training is that they are applicable immediately to the employees’ jobs. They are also effective for training when it comes to new business equipment and procedures.

  • Technology-Based Learning

Common methods of learning via technology include:

  • Basic PC-based programs
  • Interactive multimedia - using a PC-based CD-ROM
  • Interactive video - using a computer in conjunction with a VCR
  • Web-based training programs

The forms of training with technology are almost unlimited. A trainer also gets more of the learner's involvement than in any other environment and trainees have the benefit of learning at their own pace.

  • Products and services training

Product trainings can either be a part of onboarding for new comers or can be available for any employees who need refreshers on the products and services the organization offers. This type of training can also be used to educate staff on newly introduced products, services or features so they are always up to date.

  • eLearning

eLearning, relies on online videos, tests, and courses to deliver employee training. Employees can do their training at their desk or on company-provided computers. It’s one of the easiest types of employee training to roll out to larger populations, especially for employees who are remote or have high-turnover rates. With interactive games, tests, videos, activities, or even gamified components, it can also go a long way towards keeping your employees engaged with the training.

eLearning has its own challenges, without a solid instructional design strategy behind it, the graphics and visuals that make eLearning fun can also make it gimmicky or quickly outdated.

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