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Top 10 products exported via sea freight February 2, 2017

Top 10 products exported via sea freight

What is sea Freight?

Sea freight is the most economic form of transportation to transport goods between countries in the export process. Most companies make the most of containerisation for packing and carrying goods, this has increased the amount of cargo that can be moved via the sea, and this is the safest and speediest way to transport cargo.

United Kingdom has always been a country that trades overseas, over the century’s explorers and merchants from different countries were attracted to our wealth of possibilities from wool to petrochemicals. We may be a small island where it is constantly raining and at the edge of Europe, but trade was how the UK got itself on the map and outsized economic, military and political roles of other countries. If it wasn’t for the adventures of different merchants there would be no empire.

Many entrepreneurs have risked their life and fortune in the hope that they can sell their products overseas and in exchange they get some products that they can come back and sell in the UK. Many merchants lost their lives trying to achieve this but at present time the foundations for sea freight have been laid and it is safer than previous centuries. There are shipping courses at London TFE that offer effective methods for the shipping business. Our shipping management course will go through the role of containers in developing the shipping business, explain what seaports are and explain the shipping triangle. Why not find out more at our lectures about the shipping business.

Factors to consider when using sea freight

  • It is important to transport certain goods in the correct season, grains and fruits transported during a particular freight season will have higher cargo rates.
  • Keeping to your timing is important as you could incur a fine which affects the ocean shipping rates.
  • The frequency of sailing.
  • Bunkers are the containers that store the fuel, with the rising fuel prices and rates – this can affect the freight charges.

Top 10 products exported via sea freight

  1. Mechanical appliances and machinery such as boilers and nuclear reactors are a few things that are exported via sea freight.
  2. There has been an increase in export of major UK vehicle manufacturers such as Jaguar, Bentley, Land Rover, Mini, Rolls –Royce and McLaren. Car parts and accessories are also a big export via sea freight.
  3. Pharmaceutical products including drug and pain killers made for human consumption was an export that decreased over the years as many companies have moved away from the UK.
  4. Over the last few years the export of minerals fuels, mineral wax, and mineral oils. Products of their distillation which include bitumen were up by 22%
  5. Export items such as TV’s, radio equipment, sound recorders and audio parts has increased by 3%.
  6. There has been an increase in precious stones, metals, imitation stones and metals. Cultured pearls have also been on the increase of the export list.
  7. Organic chemicals such as gaseous , vitamins, amino acids, fats, oils, sugars and proteins are amongst the items that left our shores last year.
  8. Plastic products such as carrier bags, plastic kitchenware and garden furniture are just a few products that were export overseas via sea freight.
  9. Our superior craftsmanship regarding technology and production has made our export of war aircraft one of the biggest exports of our nation. BAE systems are a major contributor for the exporting business.
  10. Devices for opticians, tools to improve precision checking, and medical surgical instruments are products we export as they enhance human vision.

Find out more at our lectures about the shipping business.

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