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Top 5 challenges in adult education October 22, 2018

Top 5 challenges in adult education

Top 5 challenges in adult education

Adult courses in London are on an all time high with many going back to college and university.

Are you worried about going back to studying to advance your career? Concerns about furthering your education are completely valid. Going back to school is extremely challenging. Not only can it uproot a lifestyle and add yet another time commitment, but classes can also present added social and financial pressure.

The prospect of advancing your career is exciting — but the journey can be difficult. The truth is, studying takes time, money and energy; it’s a big commitment.

Adult learners face a unique set of challenges. 

Below are the top 5 major challenges facing adult learners:

  1. School – Life Balance

Time is a precious commodity and school is a great time commitment. Most adult learners have jobs and many also have families. Balancing work and family life can be difficult without the added task of school.

  1. Motivation

Adult learners often struggle where the motivation for learning is a necessity rather than interest. It can also be hard when attention is divided between different responsibilities. It is important to find a course with content that inspires and can be immediately applicable to our professional needs. The advantage is that as adult learners we feel the need to take responsibility for our lives and decisions and so have more intrinsic motivation to learn.

  1. Financing Education

Few will argue that with age comes greater financial responsibility. Many adult learners are financially independent, and therefore, have more financial obligations than students who have just come out of high school. Financing education may not be something they feel they can budget or afford.

  1. Social Fears

Age doesn't always eradicate the impact of social pressure and personal fears. Returning students may doubt their ability to comfortably interact with much younger peers in a college classroom. Some schools offer adults-only programs and classes, though, and in an online class, this isn't such a concern. However, adult students who take traditional face-to-face classes are usually in the minority as far as age. Being comfortable with yourself and committed to your goals with school will help you face this challenge.

  1. Technology

Technological advances can also impact an adult’s comfort in the classroom. Sometimes even the format of learning has changed, perhaps more group projects or interactive learning than what a student has experienced in the past.

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