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Top 5 reasons why you should study media work ethics September 22, 2017

Top 5 reasons why you should study media work ethics

“Ethics - Moral rules of conduct that guide one’s decisions.”

Many of us don't consider the importance of ethics in our business and work environments, though they surround us wherever we go. Think about it - most of us want to work for ethical organizations. We also want to feel good about ourselves and the work we do, as well as the people we work for. 

Media ethics:

Media practice and professionals, like teaching, medicine, and other services, have to take extreme caution in maintaining the highest moral principles so that they do not harm society. This is why professional bodies of newspaper publishers and broadcasting institutions voluntarily follow certain principles. Despite good intentions, some of the media organisations and professionals sometimes make mistakes, either by accident or carelessness, or deliberately, while pursuing the objectives of reaping enormous profits or political power.

Ethics in business:

Almost all the definitions of business ethics involve applying a moral code to business operations and decision making. Business ethics means recognizing that there is right and wrong in business as well as your personal life. And, furthermore, running a business is not just about making money, it is about doing the right thing and making money through that process.  Business ethics are important because they add a line of defense to protect the company, enable company growth, save money and allow people to avoid certain legal implications.

Here are 5 reasons why you should study media work ethics:

  1. Strong Defense

One of the best reasons for studying business ethics is to know your defense. Business ethics are a strong defense. By already establishing what business ethics your company is going to adopt, this is a good defense against bad publicity.

  1. Legal Implications

When corporate greed takes over, there are certain legal regulations placed on each individual. If they are violated, then indictments, trials and long prison sentences may be the only options for those acting unethically.

  1. Uniting People and Leadership

An organisation driven by values is revered by its employees also. They are the common thread that brings the employees and the decision makers on a common platform. This goes a long way in aligning behaviors within the organisation towards achievement of one common goal or mission.

  1. It Is Expensive to Be Bad

After the exposure of poor business ethics, it will cost a lot to eradicate the bad publicity from the name of the company. Networking ties will begin to dissolve and excess funds will have to be spent on a stronger advertising campaign to clean up any public relations crisis.

  1. And finally…Why look into ethics training?
  • Understand how ethics affect your life and work
  • Appreciate the purpose and the extent of media regulation
  • Understand how the law applies to media professionals
  • Know where to find more information if you need it

Looking to study media ethics? Contact us for more information on ethics training.

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