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What does a training manager do? September 15, 2017

What does a training manager do?

What does a training manager do?

Training managers are present in all companies to provide a service; they organise and manage training programmes within an organisation. They are there to ensure that people gain and develop skills needed to enable them to carry out their jobs effectively. They usually create the training programmes which look at the organisation’s current and future needs. In smaller organisations they might be the ones to carry out the training themselves.

Training managers will liaise with other managers to identify the training needs and draw up a plan that meets the budget constraints. They might also work for training providers to develop specific course content for the overall programme. Training management personnel will also be involved with the ongoing development of their staff to enable them to maintain appropriate skills and motivation. This is usually included within staff appraisals and reviews.

Role of training manager

- The training manager will help other colleagues get on a training management course to ensure that they are up to date with different training techniques and management in general.

- Planning, developing and providing training to different colleagues is of the core tasks. They will use their knowledge of effectiveness of methods such as class room teaching, meetings and workshops.

- They analyse training needs to develop new training programmes to meet the ever changing needs of the business.

- They will confer with management to identify where the training needs to be improved, this can be achieved via surveys and face to face conversations. Management might like to include their own processes to the training.

- They are the first point of contact besides management for new staff members to ensure that they are aware of the processes and are able to work IT programmes within the company. This usually happens on the first week of a new employee starting.

Qualities Training Managers Need

  • A training manager needs to have a thorough understanding of the business that they are part of and this is the greatest asset they can have. A good rule of thumb is that you should be able to explain what the company does in a few simple sentences. 
  • They need to have the ability to assess staff and their training needs, awareness of the training needs of your staff is critical to their development. The trainer is expected to speak to management and the staff member to understand what they would like to gain from the training. 
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills are very important to ensure that the training is communicated in the most effective way. Understanding problems and conveying ideas whilst training is conveyed through words. You also need to have empathy and know that people learn at different levels. 
  • A good training manager has great passion for learning and they are constantly trying to improve their training knowledge. They also know how to teach and motivate others within learning.

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