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What jobs you can do with chemical engineering qualification January 29, 2018

What jobs you can do with chemical engineering qualification

A degree in Chemical Engineering will open up a wide range of employment avenues for you. You could go into manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, health care, pulp and paper, design and construction, petrochemicals, food processing, polymers, biotechnology, environmental health and safety, energy, electronics, nanotechnology, advanced materials and many other fields.

Here are some employment options you could get with a bachelors or masters college degree in chemical engineering.


Aerospace engineering is concerned with developing aircraft and spacecraft.


A mechanical engineer in the automotive industry will work closely with engineers from other disciplines and will often become a multi-skilled engineer. They may specialise in a particular area such as body engineering, chassis engineering, powertrain engineering, manufacturing engineering or engineering quality.


Engineering jobs in biotechnology apply biological processes to industry, such as production of pharmaceuticals, pest resistant crops, or new types of bacteria.


'Mechanical engineers in the chemicals industry are typically involved in delivering reliability improvements, technical support or major CAPEX projects on a range of cutting-edge automated production assets including conveyors, industrial ovens, pipework, valves, pumps and robotics.'

Computer Systems

Engineers working on computer systems develop computer hardware and software. Chemical engineers are good at developing new materials and processes for making them.

Defence industry

Mechanical engineers in the defence industry are involved in the design, development and testing of complex mechanical systems. Through 3D modelling and a range of analysis tools, they ensure that the structural integrity, thermal properties, mass, manufacture, assembly and cost of the equipment meet the requirements of the air, sea or land operating environments.


Electrical engineers deal with all aspects of electronics, electricity, and magnetism. Jobs for chemical engineers relate to electrochemistry and materials.

Marine industry

A mechanical engineer in the marine industry could be involved in designing, installing or maintaining the engines, boilers, shafts and propellers that power the world fleet. You could be part of enforcing national or international regulations for sea and air pollution or designing the next generation of cleaner ships.

Food Industries

There are many career choices for chemical engineers in the food industry, including development of new additives and new processes for preparing and preserving food.

Oil and gas industry

A mechanical engineer at an oil company will work with a range of equipment such as gas turbines, compressors, heaters, vessels and piping. For example, they might investigate operational difficulties or help to build new assets and modify existing ones. Mechanical engineers at an oil service company are responsible for designing the equipment and machines that the offshore engineers and technicians depend on, such as pipelines, valves and turbines, making sure that it is reliable, efficient and safe to use.


The pharmaceutical industry employs chemical engineers to design new drugs and their production facilities and ensure plants are meeting environmental and health safety requirements.

The above are just a few of many avenues you can explore with a chemical engineering qualification.

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