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What key questions to ask your training provider June 26, 2018

What key questions to ask your training provider

What key questions to ask your training provider

Great training should energise and inspire trainees in addition to providing them with the skills and knowledge they need to do their jobs successfully, which in turn, should make organisations stronger and more competitive. 

Company training leaders need to ensure that they and their employees get the highest possible value from the training. This means that the training must match business needs while ensuring learner competency in the desired skill set.

There are countless training companies to choose from. How will you make your selection?  Fret not, we have put together some key questions to ask your training courses London provider.

How can I be sure your training will increase my staff’s productivity?

If people aren’t more productive after their training, it could easily be a waste of your money and their time (which is also your money), so, ask the provider what systems it has in place to measure the effectiveness of its training programmes.

Can I customise the course?

Although many training organisations offer "standard" courses at varying levels, these should be taken as a starting template and the provider should be ready to customise the course to your requirements. Do listen to your Training Provider though, they should have many years experience of topics that need to be included in a course and will advise you on what works.

How do you measure attendee satisfaction?

All training providers will obviously tell you they’re good but it’s only when their customers say so that it really counts.  Customer feedback is also vital for the provider to use routinely to improve course content and delivery.  So always check just how thoroughly a provider obtains customer feedback and whether this information is then shared productively with their customers.

What course materials do you provide?

Ask about what handouts are provided before selecting the course. Many Training Providers still give out unwieldy manuals that reproduce the course but are difficult to find information in. You should look to get course materials, such as well written Quick Reference Guides that will act as useful aide memoirs after the course, not just expensive shelfware. 

What is the feedback from learners and business?

Check out social media sites such as Facebook and undertake a Google search, sometimes testimonials are available on the training provider website. Corporate customers seeking feedback from other businesses about the quality of the training provider will give you an excellent idea of the training quality.

What support will we have after the course?

The learning shouldn’t end when the course does. Ask if there is a way trainees can ask further questions after the course. Many trainees need help or further clarification when they try and apply their learning to their day to day job. Ask if there is some way they can contact the Trainer after the course with further questions.

Are the trainers qualified and experienced?

Check the training providers website and ‘meet the team’ to explore biographies of trainers and importantly their qualifications. All trainers and assessors must hold relevant Training and Assessment. Check with the training provider who the trainers are.

Can you guarantee satisfaction?

Always ask what steps the training provider will take if you are not happy with the training provided.

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