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Why business training needs to be tailored. August 9, 2019

Why business training needs to be tailored.

Why business training needs to be tailored.

Personalised, customised, tailored and bespoke, products and services, have become hugely popular over the last few years due to technological advancements and trends in the digital and manufacturing sector.

Consumer behaviour on social media suggests society has now been led to expect ‘instant gratification.’ Consumer behaviour has shifted to expect instant responses, sharing on digital platforms and contract-free, flexible, subscription services. Consumers feel empowered to be able to dictate what they want, when they want it and how they want it! This perspective is evident in consumers desire to shape the products and services they use.

A Deloitte report revealed that in some categories over 50% of consumers showed interest in purchasing personalised products or services. Furthermore, consumers are willing to pay more for customisation and they want to be involved in the process.  

As well as technology influencing consumer behaviour it is also changing the processes, production and operations of organisations producing goods and services.

As technology continues to innovate, mass personalisation is becoming more viable and cost effective. Organisations are increasingly using technology to improve their processes in producing made to order goods in small batch sizes or individual batches.

There are different stages of personalisation, customisation and bespoke offerings that all depend on the organisation, the product/service and the degree of involvement that is both possible and desired. Some popular and now common examples of personalised consumer products include customised holidays, clothing, electrical products, jewellery, make up, food, beverages and furniture.

With such a shift in consumer products it is evident that business products and services should also take note. After all, B2B consumers are still consumers as well! Business training is one of the business services that has many benefits to being tailor made. Let’s look at the many reasons why personalised business training is extremely beneficial, below.

Firstly, for training to be an effective and an enjoyable experience, it is extremely important that individual learning styles are recognised. Every individual learns differently! Some people are visual leaners and respond better to graphs, diagrams and charts etc. Some people are auditory learners and prefer to listen verbally. Others are reading/writing learners and learn best when taking notes and reading information. Lastly some people are kinaesthetic learners and learn best when with hands on, practical activities. These differently styles should be catered to in training in order to ensure the individual is receiving training in the most effective way. At London Training for Excellence we provide delegates with pre-training questionnaires to find out more about what type of learner, each individual is and how the course can be delivered in the most effective way to them personally.

Secondly, it can be very difficult for business professionals to find the time to invest in training. Time away from the office or from home can be difficult to organise. Training institutes need to be able to offer flexible solutions, course durations, locations and times in order to appeal to the needs of busy professionals. London Training for Excellence understands scheduling a course can be difficult, so we allow our delegates to choose a course, location and date that suits them. We have over 300 different courses across 21 different locations and so the combinations for delegates are huge! Furthermore, we never cancel a confirmed course due to small numbers, so once you have confirmed a time and place that suits you, you can guarantee it will go ahead!

Thirdly, with so many different career paths and skills sets in demand, it is important for training companies to be able to offer unique courses to individuals in roles that require diverse skill sets. Sometimes individuals require training in very niche knowledge areas or industries. Sometimes training is required for new roles that have been introduced due to the advancement of new technology. Whatever the scenario it is important for training companies to be resourceful in finding trainers that can deliver bespoke options to professionals in need. At London Training for Excellence we are always open to helping clients with their bespoke training needs.

At London Training for Excellence we understand the benefits of personalised business training and we incorporate this into our service offerings in a big way. If you would like to work with a training company that will offer you bespoke options, personalise and customise your service, why not contact London Training for Excellence today!

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