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Why Frankfurt could be the right training destination for you September 3, 2019

Why Frankfurt could be the right training destination for you

Are you finding it hard to choose a training location from one of London Training for Excellence’s many offerings? We have 21+ training locations to offer so it is understandable that it can be difficult! 

Whether you a looking for a unique experience, somewhere that is convenient to travel to or somewhere with good business opportunities, Frankfurt may just be the city for you! 

Are you looking to explore somewhere unique? Somewhere you have not been before? A German city with more than meets the eye, Frankfurt is a unique mix of old and new in many ways. Although it is not as popular or well known as other German cities for sightseeing, the city still has a lot to offer. The city boasts an impressive modern skyline whilst still being home to a gorgeous Old Town that wows visitors with it’s cobbled streets and town square. The contrast is both exciting and unique to witness. During November and December guests can also visit the traditional Christmas Markets in the town square. So if you fancy a visit to a city with the best of both old and new worlds, than Frankfurt may be for you.

If you are looking for a training destination that is easy to get to, look no further! If convenience and distance is key to you to get to your training course than take note of the ease of travelling to Frankfurt!  Frankfurt airport is the second busiest in Europe and it is no surprise as the airport is also connected to a German regional and long distance train station. Frankfurt is essentially in the heart of Germany as well as the heart of Europe! There are many direct flights to Frankfurt from all over the globe including from the Middle East which is a direct and easy, approximately 6 hour flight! If you would like to travel elsewhere after your training you are in a perfect spot to reach almost anywhere in Europe! 

Are you looking to combine your training with other business opportunities? If you are attending a training course looking to combine your visit with other business opportunities, then you have another great reason to visit Frankfurt. Full of extremely impressive and modern conference centres and business hotels, Frankfurt is an international business centre and hub for professionals from around the world! There are always lots of business events and exhibitions on in the city so why not research what is on during the year to combine your training course with the attendance of other business events, exhibitions or networking opportunities! 

If you would like to find out more about booking a training course in Frankfurt, contact to find out more or call us to chat to one of our friendly training consultants.

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