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Why you should consider a Mini MBA course November 24, 2017

Why you should consider a Mini MBA course

Why you should consider a Mini MBA course

What is a Mini MBA program?

A Mini MBA is a program which is a graduate level business programme that is offered either online or through campus based colleges, universities and business schools. This is very much different from traditional MBA programs, the normal MBA results in getting a degree but the Mini MBA course only gives the learner a professional credential usually in a form of a certificate - some courses can help you continue on to a degree.

What is included in a mini MBA?

The mini MBA tackles many different condensed overviews of important concepts and subjects. There are some major subjects that are covered such as management, accounting, human resources, finance, corporate strategy, general business administration, marketing and economics. You are also open to take small segments of the course of your preference such as accounting, capital markets, business law, tools of analysis, corporate culture and leadership.

Reasons why you should consider a mini MBA course

  • You might be thinking why I don’t just complete a full MBA, this comes with strict education and test requirements. An MBA degree program is the most expensive post graduate degree that you can undertake, a one year MBA degree can cost as much as £15,000. A mini MBA can cost as little as £2000 - £3000 per year. This cost is significantly lower than the full course and will be better if you only want to focus on a particular part of the subject.
  • The mini MBA has become very sophisticated over the past years, it is now seen as an appetizer for the full MBA. People that enrol on this course are two thirds into their careers and feel like they don’t have enough credential to go into a new career. They potentially don’t want to go back to full time learning so this is the next best thing.
  • The mini MBA can be seen as a quick win but this isn’t always a bad thing. When employers look at the fact that you have a mini MBA, this will get you through the door but what keeps you there is your skills and attitude.
  • The course can give you a bigger view of an organisation, you might be asked to complete this by your employer as it is more flexible than a full MBA. If for example you are working in a hospital, this can make you see the bigger view of the business and strategy. Hospitals are constantly trying to avoid cuts and amending their budgets – your eyes will open up to this once you undertake the course.
  • The mini MBA can be extended to you by your employers, as the costs are not as exaggerated as the full MBA, this can be offered as a route to career betterment. The course picked will be suited to your career and give you a different way of thinking of the career.

Considering a mini MBA? Contact us for more information on the mini MBA course on offer at London TFE.


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