People Management Skills for New Supervisors and Team Leaders

20 CPD Hours 05-03-2018



The 3-day course on People Management Skills for New Supervisors and Team Leaders is crafted to improve the supervisory skills of the participants. Mostly, this course is attended by the new leaders and supervisors with no previous experience in this domain. The trainers are equipped with all the latest tools to sharpen the skills of the new supervisors. Delegates attended the course so far have achieved success in their extended career by incorporating the ideas they have collected from the program. The modules are designed smartly to help the trainees to get a grasp of the latest technique applied at the supervisory level to boost teams as well as achieve the target confidently.

By completing the course the participants will be able to:

  • Improve understanding of people management skills and ensure a successful supervisory leadership
  • Overcome communication barriers and be the people’s person
  • Target achievement by enhancing team performance
  • Focus on the objectives and the motivate team spirit
  • Improve time management skills
  • Meet target and deliver with effective results
  • Listen and solve the crises or issues within the team and also to the production
  • Work as a team and effectively supervise staffs
  • Be more confident than ever and efficiently meet the delegates
  • Manage difficult situations

Course Contents

Module I—Understanding the Role and Responsibility

  • Definition of People Management
  • How to know the requirements being a supervisor
  • How to face challenges and meet the demands confidently
  • Work shoulder-to-shoulder with managers to achieve goals
  • Make a new leadership style

Module II—Team Motivation

  • Motivate the staff to boost high performance
  • Set instance within the team being a people’s person
  • Reward recognition and positive feedback on excellent performance individually
  • To meet organizational goals, link individual efforts within the team

Module III—People Management and Team Development

  • Give your best in building a killer team
  • Set individual and team target
  • Boost positivity by providing a realistic target
  • Balancing between target and excellent productivity/performance
  • Delegation and its effects
  • Withstanding all odds for effective delegation

Module IV—Valuable Communication

  • Benefits of effective communication within team members
  • Be a good listener and resolve the issues within the team
  • How to share constructive feedback
  • Conduct team meetings to maintain transparency

Module V—Face Challenge in Problem-Solving

  • Learn the effective decision-making process
    • Prioritize your plans and so as others
    • Take action to poor performance
    • Develop improved strategies for better team performance
  • The Six-Steps to problem-solving
  • Understanding the problem and making a decision
  • Supervising critical people and conclude with positive relations

Module VI—Assessment and Feedback

  • Prepare Action Plan and apply it in your team for results
  • Assessment
  • Discussion
  • Feedback
Course language(s): English, Arabic
Number of participants: 1 – 10

Early booking: For all booking(s) made 45 days in advance, we offer an early booking discount of 10%. Please complete the booking process and a member of our team will contact you regarding the fees.

Registration terms: Deadline for registration is 5 days prior to the course start date. Those who wish to register after the deadline should email us directly at to check availability.

Certificate: A certificate will be issued to all participants on completion of this course.

Who Should Attend

The course of People Management Skills for New Supervisors and Team Leaders is ideal for team leaders, supervisors and section leaders chiefly new in their job without any prior training on people management.

Why Us?

Why Us?

With a combined management and training experience of over 70 years and clients ranging from large corporations and government bodies to small private firms and sole traders we don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ policy. We seek out experienced business professionals to deliver what they know best. Our training programmes are dynamic and effective giving you the knowledge you require but most importantly backed by real life practical examples.

Right from the moment you choose London Training for Excellence, we are a source of support, giving you the skills and Knowledge to help you with your career; whether you want to change career paths or further develop your current role we are here to help.

Here are some more advantages of choosing London Training for Excellence:

Quality - High class programmes delivered by experience business professionals. Reliability – We will never cancel a confirmed booking, we run courses in more than 21 locations Worldwide and work around the clock to ensure every delegate receives the support they require. We even operate a 24 hour support line to help cater for your every need.

Recognition – We are fully accredited by The CPD Standards agency, IAO and have been one of the most requested providers on Findcourses.

We hope to welcome you onto a course soon.

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