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Administration SecretarialOffice Management and Executive Secretarial Skills

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  • 29 May - 02 Jun 2023
  • 20 CPD hours
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Course Overview

This five-day event is designed to increase the skills of Senior Support Personnel across a range of disciplines.  The program identifies and examines the key components of the role and within each element builds up a range of approaches and techniques for operating an efficient office or support team. These elements include interpersonal, communication, organisational and time management competencies.

As can be seen from the course outline below, the event is broken down by the day to broadly reflect the key components of the role. However, as you will discover when you attend the event, such skills and techniques will be required in a blended and integrated way as you meet the challenges of your workplace. Throughout the event, you will practice communication, organisational and planning skills on an on going and linked basis as you would within your normal working environment. 


In attending this program, delegates will be able to:  

  •   Identify the key components within the job role of the Office Manager/ Executive Assistant. 
  •   Understand what makes an effective executive secretary. 
  •   Be a strategic partner to his/her boss.
  •   Learn better ways to think on his/her feet with powerful decision-making techniques. 
  •   Analyze and maximize the use of time and better manage their time. 
  •   Improve their communication skills and enhance team communication skills to a higher level. 
  •   Take responsibility and manage crises. 
  •   Achieve confidence through assertiveness. 
  •   Work under pressure to achieve objectives. 
  •   Successfully organize meetings.
  •   Build an approach that suits their own style and workplace.
  •   Develop techniques for using your initiative and ‘Thinking Outside the. Box ’.
  •   Manage difficult people and situations.
  •   Appreciate the range of skills and competencies required to fulfil their job role effectively. 
  •   See the benefit of integrating such competencies to provide a proactive support to Managers within an organisation. 
  •   Identify and practice approaches that will be of benefit to them in managing the tensions and demands of their workplace in such a position. 
  •   Be exposed to and practice techniques in competencies that are essential in the Office Manager / Executive Support role.
  •   Practice the modern techniques and skills demonstrated on the event. 
  •   Discuss experiences with fellow delegates and learn possible techniques for advancement of such skills in facilitator – led discussions. 
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Course Outline

Day 1 - The Role of the Executive Secretary/PA:

  •   Job definition and analysis. 
  •   Identification of personality type. 
  •   How to project an image of self-confidence and professionalism. 


Day 2 - Time and Stress Management:

  •   Analyse time usage. 
  •   Work prioritizing and scheduling. 
  •   Travel arrangements. 
  •   Diary management. 
  •   The key steps in the problem-solving and decision-making model. 
  •   Teams and decision-making. 
  •   Different strategies that can be used in decision-making.



Day 3 - Communications:

  •   What is communication?
  •   Improving communications within an existing team. 
  •   Oral and listening skills. 
  •   Reporting to Management.
  •   Negotiation skills and techniques.
  •   Comparison of telephone / face to face / written communications, their effectiveness and suitability for different situations. 
  •   Effective Communication.
  •   Communication barriers. 
  •   Use body language effectively. 
  •   Positive thinking. 
  •   Listening skills. 
  •   Dealing with difficult people and difficult situations.


Day 4 - Organizing Meeting:

  •   What makes good meetings good / bad meetings bad? 
  •   Obstacles to meeting effectiveness. 
  •   Key Characteristics of an effective meeting. 
  •   Meeting rules. 
  •   Meeting process. 
  •   Agenda setting. 
  •   Meeting evaluation. 
  •   Meeting room. 
  •   Recording devices


Day 5 - The Working Day:

  •   Practicing a “typical day” simulated scenario incorporating issues and techniques from the week. 
  •   Identifying an approach and style that suits you as an individual. 
  •   Reporting to Management – presentation and negotiation techniques 
  •   Personal Action Plan.
  •   Using computer and electronic office management and secretary (work- shop).
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5 Days 20 CPD hours

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How can training courses be used as a company benefit?

Training is hugely beneficial to both yourself and your company. It enables you to employ new technologies, increases your productivity and enables you to be more autonomous. Have a look here at our infographic on the importance of training and development!

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Office Management and Executive Secretarial Skills

  • SpainBarcelona
  • 29 May - 02 Jun 2023
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Office Management and Executive Secretarial Skills

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  • SpainBarcelona
  • 29 May - 02 Jun 2023
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