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Chemical EngineeringEthylene Polymerization Technology

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  • 31 Jul - 04 Aug 2023
  • 20 CPD hours
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Course Overview

This course describes the polymerization reaction kinetics and types in detail. It covers all polymerization mechanisms and is continuously updated to technological advances. It covers different approaches, catalysts, conditions, reactors, control schemes so that the attendant is presented with all aspects of Ethylene Polymerization Reactors technology. Solvent types are explained in detail and case studies are presented. Radical, cationic, anionic and catalytic approaches are investigated and explained via theory and applications.


  • To understand Ethylene polymerization procedures
  • To learn Ethylene polymerization reaction schemes
  • To learn Ethylene polymerization catalytic routes
  • To understand all Ethylene polymerization reactors and their attributes
  • To understand control of polymerization reaction kinetics
  • To learn about solvent effects
  • To understand hybrid approaches
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Course Outline


  • Introduction to Reaction Kinetics
    • Rates of reaction
    • k constants
    • energy diagrams
    • activation energies
    • types of reactions
  • Introduction to Reaction Thermodynamics
    • Equilibrium
    • Le Chatelier’s rule
    • Phase equilibrium
    • Equilibrium shift
  • Introduction Catalytic reactions
    • Catalysts introduction
    • Poisoning and deactivation
    • Chemical structure
    • Physical structure


  • Polymerization reactions
    • Addition & Condensation
    • Step growth vs Chain growth
    • Homogeneous vs Heterogeneous
    • Anionic and Cationic
    • Free radical polymerization
    • Coordination polymerization
    • Vessels


  • Polyethylene
    • Properties
    • Financial
    • Grades & types
  • Homopolymerization
    • Free radical homopolymerization
    • Catalytic homopolymerization
    • Homopolymerization of polar vinyl monomer
  • Copolymerization with polar vinyl monomer


  • Free radical polymerization in organic solvents
    • Different organic solvents
    • Phase equilibrium
    • Solvent effect
    • Lewis acid effect
    • Controlled radical polymerization
  • Free radical polymerization in water
    • Radical polymerization in emulsion
    • Cationic stabilization
    • Anionic stabilization
  • Polymerization in hybrid solvents


  • Free radical copolymerization with polar vinyl monomer
    • Important factors affecting the process
    • Ethylene – MMA copolymerization
    • Ethylene – Styrene copolymerization
    • Ethylene – Vinyl Acetate copolymerization
    • Copolymerization in emulsion
  • Hybrid free radical/ catalytic mechanism
    • Synergy of the two mechanisms
    • Mechanisms in detail
    • Ethylene – MMA copolymerization
    • Styrene – Ethylene hybrid copolymerization
    • Hybrid copolymerization via ATRP system
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Ethylene Polymerization Technology

  • GreeceAthens
  • 31 Jul - 04 Aug 2023
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Ethylene Polymerization Technology

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  • GreeceAthens
  • 31 Jul - 04 Aug 2023
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