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Polymers Production and Processing

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Course Overview

Polymeric materials are nowadays employed in many applications due to their broad spectrum of chemical, physical and mechanical properties. For this reason, polymeric materials play an essential role in the chemical industry and, more generally, the global economy. This programme provides a bird's eye vision of the methods to produce different typologies of polymers and the processing techniques used to obtain valuable finished products. 


In this programme, you will:

  •   Understand the importance of the polymers economics
  •   Learn to infer the properties of the polymeric materials from their chemical structure
  •   Learn the methodologies used to produce polymers from raw materials
  •   Learn the techniques used to produce reinforced resins
  •   Listen about the applications of the most common polymeric materials
  •   Learn the techniques used to form the finished products
  •   Apply the most important equations governing the chemical and mechanical behaviour of polymers
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Course Outline

Day 1

  •   Introduction
  •   Explanation of the terminology used
  •   Classification of the polymers
  •   Most common polymers and their application
  •   Polymer characterisation
  •   Stress-strain curve

Day 2

  •   Polymer constitution, conformation and configuration
  •   Polymer morphology
  •   Polymer crystallinity
  •   Molar mass distribution
  •   Degree of polymerisation
  •   Polymer in solution

Day 3

  •   Glass transition temperature
  •   Viscoelasticity
  •   Melt flow index
  •   Polymerization
  •   Addition vs Condensation polymerisation
  •   Chain-growth vs Step-growth polymerisation
  •   Suspension polymerisation
  •   Solution polymerisation
  •   Emulsion polymerisation
  •   Bulk polymerisation

Day 4

  •   Polymer blending
  •   Polymer processing methods
  •   Extrusion process
  •   Moulding process (injection moulding, blow moulding, rotational moulding)
  •   Calendering
  •   Compounding
  •   Thermoforming

Day 5

  •   Production of reinforced resins
  •   Filament winding
  •   Pultrusion
  •   Polymer functionalisation
  •   Polymer degradation and environmental issues
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  • Industrial Manufacturing and Production




Duration: 20 CPD hours (5Days)

date: 01 - 05 Jul 2024

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  • Industrial Manufacturing and Production




Duration: 20 CPD hours (5Days)

date: 14 - 18 Oct 2024

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  • Industrial Manufacturing and Production




Duration: 20 CPD hours (5Days)

date: 02 - 06 Dec 2024

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  • Industrial Manufacturing and Production

Polymers Production and Processing

Duration:5 Days (20 CPD hours)

date:01 - 05 Jul 2024




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Polymers Production and Processing

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Polymers Production and Processing

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