Product and Company Knowledge

Product and Company Knowledge
20 CPD Hours 04-03-2019



This course grabs the attention of trainers, instructional designers and department heads in different organizations looking forward to sharing product and company knowledge beyond the organizational silos. Knowledge enables power and confidence. Therefore, our trainers are focused on teaching the delegates to identify product knowledge management and align that with the company’s business strategies for excellent sales. Our robust training and development tool kit is equipped with advanced critical knowledge, effective learning, performance solutions, and expertise in real time.

By completing the course, the delegates will be able to:

  • Detailed understanding of the product and services of the organization
  • Learn about the Company Knowledge and their responsibilities
  • Strategize sales by incorporating fresh creative ideas by applying the advanced tools
  • Strategize for unveiling the new product to entice target audiences and boost sales
  • Prepare actual demonstration with sound and useful product description
  • Consider customer’s interests and do accordingly to meet their expectations
  • Develop passion for the brand and product
  • Prepare answers to the FAQs by customers
  • Indulge into fresh ideas for promoting the newly launched products
  • Improve the confidence about the brand, product, and service of the company

Course Contents

>Module I—Fundamentals of Product & Company Knowledge

  • Understanding the fundamentals of the knowledge management
  • Identify the key components of the product & company knowledge
  • Benefits of the cultural and behavioral elements
  • How to aligning knowledge management with the company’s objectives
  • Importance of developing a positive environment to knowledge sharing

>Module II—Product Management Strategy

  • Learning from challenges and practical lessons to develop product and company knowledge
  • Acquiring in-depth knowledge on the product
  • Remembering important features and facets while strategizing the success of the product management
  • Action Plan the strategies to make the product more desirable to the customers
    • Assess the outcome and situational analysis
    • Up-selling and cross-selling the products
    • Strategies for cross-selling the associated products
    • Planning to entice the target audience to buy the product
    • Boosting Sales by presenting the product one-of-a-kind to the customers
    • Benefits of the grand launching of the product(s)

Module III—Benefits of Product Knowledge

  • Four steps to effective Product Knowledge
    • Boosts confidence
    • Improves communication skills
    • Overcome all barriers to meet the target
    • Develops willpower and enthusiasm
  • Arranging Product Training
    • Gathering proper knowledge on the product
    • Promotional objectives of the company
    • Presenting the product to customers by making it more desirable
    • Improve sales by boosting advanced marketing techniques and tools

Module IV—Maximizing Learning Opportunities

  • Locating the knowledge champions
  • Use the cutting-edge social media and information technology platforms in sharing knowledge
  • Creating an environment of maximizing the knowledge sharing opportunities for the organizational growth
  • Assessment of Action Plan
  • Feedback

English, Arabic, Other Languages Available On Request

1 – 10 Participants

Deadline for registration is 5 days prior to the course start date. Those who wish to register after the deadline should email us directly at to check availability.

A London Training for Excellence Professional certificate will be issued to all participants on completion of this course. In addition you will receive a certificate confirming the number of CPD hours achieved for this course.

Who Should Attend

The program is ideal for talent development professionals such as instructional designers, production team managers, team leaders, trainers, and organizational development executives and managers to human resource teams.

Why Us?

Why Us?

With a combined management and training experience of over 70 years and clients ranging from large corporations and government bodies to small private firms and sole traders we don’t believe in a 'one size fits all' policy. We seek out experienced business professionals to deliver what they know best. Our training programmes are dynamic and effective giving you the knowledge you require but most importantly backed by real life practical examples.

Right from the moment you choose London Training for Excellence, we are a source of support, giving you the skills and Knowledge to help you with your career; whether you want to change career paths or further develop your current role we are here to help.

Here are some more advantages of choosing London Training for Excellence:

Quality – High class programmes delivered by experience business professionals. Reliability – We will never cancel a confirmed booking, we run courses in more than 21 locations Worldwide and work around the clock to ensure every delegate receives the support they require. We even operate a 24 hour support line to help cater for your every need.

Recognition – We are fully accredited by The CPD Standards agency, OC4N and have recognition from ILM. We are committed to quality and are certified ISO9001. In addition, we have been one of the most requested providers on Findcourses.

We hope to welcome you onto a course soon.

Key Facts

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Organizer: LondonTFE

End Date: 09-03-2019 Day(s)

Course Duration: 5

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