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Metallurgy for Non-Metallurgists Including Metal Processes

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Course Overview

This training is designed for engineers and operations personnel of process plants, refineries, it is a basic course for personnel who have a limited or no knowledge of the basics of Metallurgy and who also want to learn the basic techniques of various processes as mention above.


The objective of this training program of 5 days duration is to impart Training on Basics of Metallurgy coupled with trouble shooting Metallurgical problems and the various metal processes.

 The training covers the basic elements of:


  • Elements
  • Atoms/Molecules/Molecular structure
  • Molecular structure of common metals
  • Properties of metals
  • Theory of crystals/crystallography
  • Chemical equilibrium
  • Elements of extractive metallurgy
  • Solid solutions
  • Metal solidification and properties
  • Heat treatment of metals
  • Heat treat of steel
  • Metal treatment methods and their objectives
  • Metal failure and measures to avert failures
  • Metal forming
  • Metal testing and inspection methods.
  • Pressings
  • Mouldings
  • Castings & Surface Treatment
  • Extrusions
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Course Outline

Day 1- Basics of Physical Chemistry:

  • Atoms Molecules and crystals
  • Common elements
  • Atomic structure
  • How atoms combine
  • Crystal and crystalline materials


Metal Processing Techniques – Presses and Press Forming

  • How a press works.
  • The press forming techniques
  • Materials used on pressings- discuss
    • Duplex
    • Inconel
    • Titanium
    • Phosphor Bronze
  • Understanding Metal PressingCoatings
    • Zinc plate
    • Galvanised
    • Powder Coating


Day 2- Chemical Equilibrium

  • Heat and Temperature
  • Compound formation
  • Types of reactions- effects of heat
  • Instruments for measuring temperature

Metal Processing Techniques – Moulding  

  • Understanding Injection Moulding.
  • What is blow Moulding
  • Rotational Moulding
  • Understanding Vacuum Forming
  • Different stages of Moulding- Pressure Die


Day 3- Metal Refining

  • Primary methods for refining steel
  • Basic – oxygen and electric furnace processes
  • Ladle metallurgy: electrolytic refining of non-ferrous metals


  • Metal Processing Techniques – Castings & Paintings/Coatings
  • Casting Processes
  • Process Selection
  • Design of Castings
  • Understanding Microstructure of Castings
  • Grain structure
  • Chemical inhomogeneity for Castings
  • Porosity of Castings
  • Casting Alloys


Day 4- Solidification of Metals

  • Patterns of atoms in solid metals
  • Stages of crystal growth
  • Formation of grain boundaries
  • Phase diagrams
  • Ingot casting and continuous castings

Metal Processing Techniques – Extrusions

  • Understanding the Extrusion Types
  • Hot Extrusion
  • Cold extrusion
  • Friction Extrusion
  • Micro Extrusions
  • Extrusion Defects and how to avoid


Day 5- Heat Treatment of Steel

  • Fundamentals : types of steel
  • Structure of Iron: relation between carbon content and mircostructures
  • Austenite, bainite and martensite
  • Main type of heat treating furnaces
  • Atmospheres and quenching media 


 Training Methodology:


  • Fully comprehensive manual
  • Supporting power point presentations
  • Videos of the material processes
  • Self Assessment
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Duration: 20 CPD hours (5Days)

date: 01 - 05 Jul 2024

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Duration: 20 CPD hours (5Days)

date: 28 Oct - 01 Nov 2024

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Duration: 20 CPD hours (5Days)

date: 18 - 22 Nov 2024

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Duration: 20 CPD hours (5Days)

date: 09 - 13 Dec 2024

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  • Oil and Gas

Metallurgy for Non-Metallurgists Including Metal Processes

Duration:5 Days (20 CPD hours)

date:01 - 05 Jul 2024




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Frequently Asked Questions

How can training courses be used as a company benefit?

Training is hugely beneficial to both yourself and your company. It enables you to employ new technologies, increases your productivity and enables you to be more autonomous. Have a look here at our infographic on the importance of training and development!

How often do you update your course content to ensure relevancy?

Our course content is constantly reviewed and updated to ensure we stay up to date with all the latest trends. After every course is completed we review the feedback and improve the material where necessary.

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Yes, we focus our training on ‘real-world’ scenarios and our trainers are all highly experienced and skilled in their relevant fields.

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Yes, we offer certification with all our courses, every course is entitled to CPD (Continuous Professional Development) hours which you can put towards your professional portfolio.

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Metallurgy for Non-Metallurgists Including Metal Processes

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Metallurgy for Non-Metallurgists Including Metal Processes

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