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The training program on Total Quality Management (TQM) is crafted intricately with the aim to provide the delegates with profound understanding on the subject matter. We have an experienced team of trainers, equipped with high-end proficiency and tools to meet with any query of the participants. In fact, we focus on endowing the trainees with proper resources so that they can implement the acquired skill in their businesses/organizations and achieve commercial success with sheer confidence.

Today is one of the most depended approaches that has been accepted and applied by many reputed companies such as Ford Motor Company, SGL Carbon, Motorola, Phillips Semiconductor, Toyota Motor Company, and more.
After the completion of the course, the participants will achieve expertise in-

    Integrate the method to improve the quality of the products
    They will attain the skill of strategizing the whole process and apply accordingly
    The trainees will be a pro-taskmaster to test the product before launching it to market
    Build a team of TQM experts to leverage their commercial growth
    Reduce the company loses by withdrawing wasteful practices.
    Increase commitment to senior management and the employees involves with the production.
    Help in saving time and money in producing quality product
    Will win recognition for excellent customer satisfaction
    Can boost teams in enhancing the overall productivity
    Will develop communication skills with the teams and senior management to discuss issues.

General Idea on Total Quality Management or TQM

To summarize, Total Quality Management (TQM) is an advanced management process that is implemented to improve the productivity as well as the quality in businesses or any organization. This complex method is a combination of management tools and quality assessment, aiming to elevate the business productivity to the next level.
Basics of Total Quality Management or TQM

Training, Leadership, Ethics, Teamwork, Integrity, Trust, Communication, and Recognition are the eight significant basics or fundamental elements of TQM. Our training modules are designed with the further elaborations for the trainees.
In-depth study of the 4 Elements of TQM

From the eight fundamental elements of TQM, it is further categorized in top four elements powered with the features to surpass the fierce market competitors.

The module contains the detailed discussion of the top 4 elements of TQM-

    Foundation - This head includes trust, integrity, and ethics- the cornerstones of Total Quality Management.
    Building Bricks - Training, Teamwork and Leadership include the Brick parameter.
    Binding Mortar - The overall communications come within the Binding Mortar section. In the modules, we provide the detailed description of the same.
    Roof - Ultimately the Roof is covered by the recognition that is achieved by the trainees by attending the TQM training program.

How to strategize the TQM plan

Our expert trainers will guide the participants to code the strategies of their TQM plans by incorporating the elements as well as the management tools of the Total Quality Management Tools.

During this module, the trainees will also be catered with many slideshows and presentations that will guide them in strategizing and integrating their own skills as well as the guided knowledge to create a high –end strategy plan.

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Training is hugely beneficial to both yourself and your company. It enables you to employ new technologies, increases your productivity and enables you to be more autonomous. Have a look here at our infographic on the importance of training and development!

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