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Learner Styles

It is important fo us to know what style of learner you are, we use a theory from Neil Fleming; it is one of the most widely accepted model of learning 'categories'. 

VAK is an acronym for Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic and is a reference to the 3 types of learning styles.

VAK Learner Styles

Identifying what style of learner you are is essential for us so, it enables our lecturers to deliver the course in a way that is most effective and beneficial to you (the learner). All of our courses are short courses and a lot of information is delivered in a short period of time, knowing which learner style you are ensures you receive the best style of delivery for your needs.

A Visual learner prefers the use of images, maps and graphs to process and understand new information.

An Auditory learner prefers content through listening and speaking. This could be through group discussions, lecturs or dialogue.

A Kinesthetic learner prefers a more hands on approach. For example, building on a theory through modelling or doing.

If you are unsure of your learner type, have a look at this quick test you can take here. (Link downloads a PDF)

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