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3 essential tips for sales managers to maximise sales performance July 24, 2019

3 essential tips for sales managers to maximise sales performance

3 essential tips for sales managers to maximise sales performance

Sales management is an essential and a fundamental aspect of any successful business to function effectively. Better sales performance means more new business for the company and better account management will help retain customers and grow business with them.

To help you maximise your sales performance here are 3 essential tips to implement in your sales team!


1. Training

Training your team whether internally or externally will ensure their skills and knowledge are up to date. Training allow us to share ideas, new innovations, new products/services and new updates with our teams. We can also look at the soft skills or technical skills that need to be enhanced.

Whether your team needs new product training on the items they are selling or training in soft skills such as communication, the investment in training your staff will speak for itself as your staff will be equipped correctly for their roles.

An additional benefit of training is that the team can develop together, at the same time and will be able to develop similar knowledge and skill sets for consistency in your team.


2. Assess individual and team performance

Following on from training and development another way to maximise sales performance is to review and assess individuals and team skill sets.

You can assess team members individually but also as a group together to compare how people are doing against their peers within the team. This gives us a great opportunity to share best practices and develop sale targets for individuals.

By developing, monitoring and assessing individual and team performance through different sales targets, employees will feel motivated to perform at their peak as they know that they will receive recognition for their hard work as an individual as well as being in the team.

Whether bonuses are monetary or non-monetary, incentives should be offered for outstanding performance when sales targets are met.


3. Sales meetings

Lastly regular sales meetings are another great way to maximise sales performance.

Sales meetings should be held regularly to keep communication channels open and to ensure that targets are on track. Any issues can be raised, and any miscommunications can be cleared up. Any updates, best practice procedures, new products/services, changes and general news can also be shared. The huge benefit of sharing news with the team in this format is that the communications will be clear, face to face and ensure that the right message has gotten to the team at the right time.

Sales meetings need to be well structured and need to be led by the sales manager in order to be efficient and effective. A regular time and day should be introduced so attendees of the meetings can prepare any topics, issues or questions that need to be addressed in advance.


London Training for Excellence hope that these tips can be of help to you and your sales team. If you would like to learn more about effective sales management please take a look at our course linked below, “Sales Management Essentials.”

This training course will provide you with sales management skills and techniques as well as effective account management principles that will help you develop your team so that they perform at their best and exceed the targets that are on your shoulders!

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