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Five tips for choosing a training partner February 16, 2022

Five tips for choosing a training partner

Five tips for choosing a training partner

Looking for a training provider is easy, right? You know what skills you want to learn, you do a quick Google search, or if you are lucky, a timely marketing email drops into your inbox. Job done. Or is it?

Training is an investment in both time and money for the employer and the employee, so you want to make sure you get the most out of the opportunity. Although the ‘potluck’ approach may be fruitful, often it is better to take a little more time and care when choosing a training provider to make sure they fit the need, budget and learning style you require.

If you’re not sure where to start, then keep reading. The trainers here at London TFE have pulled together their top tips for choosing a training partner.

TIP 1 - Course content

Reviewing the content of the course you will be investing in is vitally important for choosing the right provider. If there is a skill gap you need to fill, make sure the course covers it, and find out in how much detail the subject you need it covered.

If you are already a social media whizz, you don’t want to book onto a beginner’s overview course, when you need a course tailored to getting the best return on Facebook adverts or video storytelling.

Make sure the teaching style fits your learning needs. Do you prefer face to face or online courses? Do you prefer a variety of speakers or one highly qualified trainer?

London Training delivers more than three hundred courses online, or face-to-face learning opportunities across the world. You can read summaries as well as detailed descriptions of what each course covers, on our website.

TIP 2 – Top class trainers

The knowledge and experience of the course trainers can help make or break a training course.

Researching the course trainer is advisable. All London TFE trainers have a profile on our website so you can learn more about their qualifications, career background, interests and teaching styles. Check out our trainers here.

Alternatively, you can always discover more about the trainer’s experience on Google or look them up on LinkedIn.

TIP 3 - Great feedback

It might seem like an obvious tip, but positive feedback about a course, and trainer, speaks volumes.

Most training providers collect feedback at the end of each course or in the days following. Often these reviews will be uploaded onto the provider’s website or social media pages.

Reading the reviews will help you to better understand what the course covers, in what depth and most of all whether you can trust the provider to deliver quality training.

Read a variety of testimonials from people who benefitted from London Training’s courses on our website.

TIP 4 – Accreditations

Accreditations give a training provider a stamp of industry approval. To gain them, each provider has to follow meticulous processes, including reviews of course content, trainer qualifications and how the organisation works as a whole, in order to be awarded an accolade.

When you learn with London Training you will be safe in the knowledge you will be learning to the highest standards. We are proud to have been awarded accreditations from CPD, ILM and ISO. Read more about our accreditations and what they mean.

TIP 5 - Course costs

The last, but definitely not the least, point to consider when choosing a training provider is the course costs.

The budget - whether it’s your own money invested in your personal development or your company’s funds - needs to be considered when choosing a provider. However, more importantly, value for money should be reflected in your choice.

To do this, ask for a breakdown of the costs, including what is covered and any additional costs you may incur, such as travel and accommodation.

Choose the best training provider for your needs

At London TFE, we provide courses to suit all needs and budgets. You can find details of what each course costs along with the course description. Our handy FAQs can also help answer any additional questions you might have.

Still unsure of how to choose the best training provider for your needs? Get in touch. Our team are on hand to talk through your training needs via our webchat facility by calling us on 020 7183 6657.

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