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3 reasons why your organisation needs to consider Risk and Crisis Management training. July 30, 2019

3 reasons why your organisation needs to consider Risk and Crisis Management training.

3 reasons why your organisation needs to consider Risk and Crisis Management training.

Risk and Crisis management may not seem like an area of an organisation that needs to take top training priority, but it definitely should! Risk and Crisis management is an area in which staff should receive consistent and continuous training, especially in today’s fast paced, modern society.

Risk and Crisis management needs to be proactive in planning, keeping up with industry standards and ensuring consistent and clear communication with the rest of the organisation. If risk and crisis management it is not proactive, this area of management will not be effective in responding to a crisis when it does occur whether it is an expected situation or not. Ineffectively managed crisis events can leave devastating effects on organisations, their staff, facilities, products and reputation.


Here are 3 reasons you need to consider training or upskilling your staff in risk and crisis management today.


1. Keep up with the latest industry news.

Today our modern society is constantly changing as we encounter technological advancements that change the way we live and work. Due to the fast rate of change particularly in the workplace, it is essential that organisations understand the changing face of risks and crisis incidents that threaten their organisation. There is a huge range of different risks that organisations face including but not limited to environmental risks, loss of products, processes or plant facilities, human errors, hazards or technological failure or sabotage.

By undertaking training staff can stay up to date with the latest risks and issues that organisations can potentially face, which will help prepare and plan for scenarios that may otherwise have been unexpected or unheard of.


2. Real life case studies and roleplaying sessions to give perspective and insight.

An important part of Risk and Crisis management training is to research case studies to discover how other organisations have managed and dealt with different scenarios and situations that they have faced. Learning from other organisation’s experiences can be extremely insightful and informative leading to new perspectives built on real life experience.

In addition to this, training also provides a platform for roleplay and group activities within the training group that can be insightful into how different industries face risk and crisis scenarios or how they would be inclined to respond.


3. Understand procedures and planning.

Risk and Crisis management is an area that requires the creation of plans, policies, practices and procedures to form a lot of documentation that must be kept up to date and relevant. With continuous training it is easier for staff to be able to learn the latest standards of documentation in Risk and Crisis Management.

Documentation and planning of procedures before, during and after an incident must be available to all stakeholders of the organisation to ensure that everyone is informed of the procedures required to be followed and that confusion is reduced during the event of an incident taking place.

Planning and documentation needs to cover a wide range of procedures, including but not limited to, operational (at the scene) command procedures, tactical (forward control point) command as well as strategic (board level or emergency operations) command. There also needs to be a communications plan, a public press release plan as well as documents for post incident evaluations and staff debriefing.


If you would like to learn more about Risk and Crisis Management or you believe it is an area that you or your organisation would like to improve in, please follow the link below to view London Training for Excellence’s course in Risk and Crisis Management. To find out more you can also contact

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