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3 ways to network as a chemical engineer July 12, 2019

3 ways to network as a chemical engineer

3 ways to network as a chemical engineer

There are many benefits of professional networking in any industry and in any job role. Networking allows you to meet others in your industry to share work experience, swap contacts, gain new perspectives, swap ideas, collaborate on projects, share career advice, build confidence, create job opportunities and make new friends!

Networking as a chemical engineering professional is no different and like any other industry the benefits are clear. As chemical engineering is such a huge field that has many different areas of specialisation networking can be even more valuable for someone who is new to the industry and finding their feet, someone looking for an area to specialise in after receiving a promotion or new role or even for someone who is looking to change their area of specialisation after working in the industry already for many years.

Chemical engineers are essential to material processing in many different industries including but not limited to plastic, metal, food, beverage, toiletries, paper and fibres. Within these industries there are also many different roles for chemical engineers. Networking with fellow chemical engineers from a range of these different industries is a great way to open up your opportunities, gain some perspective, meet new people and develop your career in general.

Just like any professional it can be hard to make time for networking whilst trying to maintain a work and lifestyle balance. London Training for Excellence is here to help by providing you with 3 different ways to network as a chemical engineer!


3 different ways to network as a chemical engineer.

1. Attend chemical engineering exhibitions, events and trade shows.

Events are a great way to connect with other professionals and to learn about new industry trends and innovations. This is particularly true for the chemical engineering industry as it has many new rapid advancements in technology. There are events across the UK, Europe, Middle East and Asia throughout the year. Some events are run by accredited chemical engineering associations, others by chemical engineering organisations and some by industry publications.

2. Connect with other professionals via social media and subscriptions.

Wondering how to keep up to date with industry events? This brings us to our next point! Keep informed of industry events and networking opportunities by subscribing to relevant industry publications that will advertise upcoming events, become a member of relevant accredited bodies and follow relevant organisations on social media to stay up to date with their latest news and events.

Further to this you can use social media to connect with other professionals. Linked In is a platform that if utilised well can be very effective for networking. You can connect with other chemical engineering professionals, view their profiles and experience as well as send them messages if you would like to.  

3. Undertake training in different locations to meet others.

Another great way to connect with other chemical engineering professionals is to undertake training in a different city. Not only does training give a wealth of other benefits to professional progression, it also acts as a place where professionals can connect. Training will often require delegates to interact, share ideas, share experiences, share opinions and work together on problem solving tasks. This can be a great way to meet new contacts in the same industry and get to know each other face to face. There are also benefits when attending training internationally as the pool of delegates in your course will widen. If attending a course internationally you will meet fellow delegates from all over the world! This is a rare but very rewarding opportunity to expand your network globally.

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