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3 ways to unleash your creativity! June 19, 2019

3 ways to unleash your creativity!

3 ways to unleash your creativity!

Almost every manager has the responsibility of solving problems as part of their everyday role. Critical thinking will lead to improved problem solving and better solutions as it involves the analysis and evaluation of information leading to informed and effective decisions.

Everyone has a different style of critical thinking and a different problem-solving process. Some people think in a linear and sequential way whereas others prefer to think in more innovative and abstract way. No matter what your style is, there is always room to stretch your critical thinking and improve your creativity.

When it comes to critical thinking and problem solving, creativity is key in finding better solutions and new ideas!

Below are some tips on how to unleash your creativity!


3 ways to unleash your creativity.

1. Host a brainstorming session.

Brainstorming is the process of generating new ideas in a group environment under the direction of a facilitator.

It is a free-thinking session, with no rules and an encouraging environment that allows people with different thinking styles and different expertise to build on each other’s ideas in a freestyle way. Individuals can draw on inspiration from research, visual images, inspiring words and the real world around them.

Brainstorming is a great way of involving a wide range of different thinking styles in a controlled way. Ideas can be built on and evolve in ways that would not be possible from the thought process of one individual alone.

As the famous saying goes, two heads are better than one! This means that multiple ideas are always helpful! Brainstorming also helps you to encounter other thinking styles (in action) that you might want to try for yourself! This leads us to the next tip.


2. Stretch outside of your personal thinking style.

Actively try out a thinking style that is different to your own.

Think outside of the box! Try out a thought process that you would not normally follow in order to gain a different perspective from your usual train of thought. This is like brainstorming but as an individual as you will take on a different style of thinking.

Some different styles of thinking include linear/sequential thinking which is a style that processes information in a step by step, orderly manner. Holistic thinking which is a style that looks at things as part of a bigger picture, thinking in different directions to recognise patterns that form a larger meaning. There is also abstract thinking which delves into using hidden meanings and generalisations to draw possible conclusions.

Once you identify your normal thinking process and style you can make a conscience effort to trial some different thought processes in order to see if you can come up with some creative solutions that are different to your usual conclusions!


3. Record the creative process through mind mapping.

If you are finding that brainstorming and trying different thinking styles is too complex or is leaving you feeling confused why not use mind mapping to help organise and record all of these creative and brilliant ideas!

Mind mapping is an easy way to take down ideas without worrying and about structure or formality. It is an intuitive way to take down notes and inspiration.

Mind mapping is the process of drawing a diagram manually or digitally (there are mind mapping programs available) that focuses on a central topic, from this central topic you can draw branches that link other words, concepts, tasks, pictures and basically anything you can think of! You can build on top of branches to form a growing diagram that may look similar to a tree stretching out from the central subject.

Using mind mapping will act as a visual tool to help visually capture where your thinking is taking you. This will help you to develop multiple ideas further as you can visually see where the idea stems from.


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