5 tips for effective Change Management - Part 1

5 tips for effective Change Management - Part 1 

There is no doubt that we live in an ever changing, unpredictable world which unfortunately doesn’t stop shifting at the doorstep of a business.

Brexit is definitely one of the most relevant examples of a huge change affecting countless businesses in countless ways. Still an inconclusive and uncertain situation, change management is a very relevant topic for many businesses in the UK, within EU and even for businesses in countries where Brexit could mean new opportunities.

As they say, the only thing certain is change, but change doesn’t necessarily have to be restrictive and with the right type of change management, businesses can thrive with diversity and opportunity that change can bring.

Here are 5 tips on effective change management!

1. Define the change – Define what change is occurring, where the impact is coming from and why the change needs to occur.

2. Create a change management plan - Create a plan that incorporates all steps necessary for the change to occur. Establish a timeframe for the plan to rollout in stages. Most importantly ensure that the plan is people focused, identifying and analysing all stakeholders involved. Support education and learning, identifying any new processes or new learning needs that may need training or mentoring.

This is Part 1 of a 2 part blog. Please read the blog next week to discover the rest of the tips in Part 2 of "5 tips for effective Change Management."

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See you next week for part 2!

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