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5 tips for effective change management - Part 2 August 7, 2019

5 tips for effective change management - Part 2

5 tips for effective change management - Part 2

Following on from the blog last Wednesday, this is part 2 of 2 for the blog, 5 tips for effective change management.

You have seen part 1 and now we return for more tips on effective change management.

3. Develop a communications plan – Create a communications plan that will open communication channels with the stakeholders identified eg. Staff, management, customers, investors etc. regarding all aspects of the change. By having open and consistent communication, confusion will be reduced minimising disruptions and resistance to the change. This communications plan can also be used to promote and build motivation for the change as well as build a sense of urgency as to why the change needs to occur.

 4. Implement and proactively manage the change progress – when the change management plan is in action it is important to check that the plan is meeting the milestones and the timeframes set. Any barriers to progress can be addressed quickly before they develop into major delays.

5. Review and evaluate the change – After the changes have been implemented as planned continue to measure progress and collect information that will demonstrate why the change was necessary.

It is also great to use market research to set up focus groups and conduct surveys for feedback from stakeholders on the change experience. This feedback will be instrumental in successfully evaluating the areas that needed improvement and the areas that were a success. This information is essential in future when planning for other changes.

Remember the only thing certain is change!


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