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7 marketing benefits gained from sales October 15, 2018

7 marketing benefits gained from sales

7 marketing benefits gained from sales

What is sales and marketing?

In any company they will have a sales team and a marketing team; sometimes they can cross and work hand in hand for the betterment of the company. Sales are usually involved in the activity of promoting and selling goods and services. Marketing looks at different techniques of promoting, selling and distributing the product or service.

The marketing department usually has a hand in raising awareness about a product that can lead to high quality leads for the sales teams to embark on. The sales teams are the closers; they are responsible to make the lead they received into a sale for the company. Many staff members embark on sales and marketing courses so they are aware how both sides work.

Here are some marketing benefits gained from sales:

  1. It can be easy for each department to blame each other if the numbers are not up to scratch; you need to remember that everyone is working towards one goal. Although each department has their own objectives, revenue cannot increase unless both departments work together.
  1. Having two departments working closely together can have a great benefit to the company culture. Putting in the effort to work together can strengthen a company and will increase overall happiness and satisfaction. The marketing team and sales team can thrive off each other to work hard and have fun.
  1. The creativity will most likely increase, the sales team using their sales skills are interacting with the customers on a more personal level than the marketing team. The sales team can help the marketing team to interact with the customers on a social media platform to increase the social media presence.
  1. Your companies brand will fall under the marketing department umbrella but it’s everyone’s responsibility to uphold it. Sales and marketing can work together to find out how to make the brand stronger.
  1. The sales teams talk to the customers on a regular basis and have an understanding with them on a personal level. This information will come in handy for the marketing department, from the information they will be able to market directly to the customer. This is handy for targeted marketing campaigns.
  1. The marketing team spends a lot of the time negotiating with different vendors for software products; this can take many hours of negotiating. When you are surrounded by the sales team you can learn how to speak and think like a sales person.
  1. Take some time and listen to how the sales teams interact with customers over the phone. Take some notes on how they lead them into the buying process, many sales team members enrol on sales management courses to help them stay current so this can may well be a thought.

Need help understanding how sales and marketing can benefit you? Contact us for more information on our sales and marketing courses.

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