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7 Sales tips to close a deal November 7, 2018

7 Sales tips to close a deal

7 Sales tips to close a deal

Sales are important to any business; most business owners are concerned with maximizing sales as the company might not be profitable if it isn’t. The sale of a product or service is what differentiates monetary businesses from a charitable organisation. It might not be common knowledge but the sales team isn’t the only organisation that is responsible for the sales. Everyone in the company must have a general understanding of how a sale can happen and at which department level. Any opportunity that a sale is missed is an opportunity that the company missed.

Excellent customer service is one of the ways that a good sale can be made. Good customers service can help transform unhappy customers to happy clients. Many sales people undertake sales and marketing courses or sales management courses to help them to better their skills to help close a deal. 

For companies that would like to make a high level of sales, they need to understand every stage of the sales process. The process starts with advertising and how to position the product or service within the market.

Here are 7 different tips on how you can close a deal:

  1. Sales skills are important but what is more important is to always do your homework. You need to research about the company to see how you are going to tailor your pitch to them. Extensive research will help you understand the client’s needs better.
  1. When approaching a company with your products or services it is important to understand who the decision maker is. Your best sales pitch wont amount to anything if it is heard by the wrong people. Finding the decision maker in a big corporate company can be difficult so you may need to create a map of the company to see who you can approach.
  1. Many companies over sell their products or services to the client but never really explain what benefit the product or service will provide for them. You will need to be skilled at translating the features of product into customized benefits for the client. A thoughtful presentation is much better than a scripted rigid one.
  1. Always be clear and concise at the end of the sales pitch, you may not want to be the pushy sales rep but asking for a sale is not always a bad thing. Asking for the sale gives you an understanding of whether an order will be made or not and if it isn’t made you can ask for feedback.
  1. Most sales aren’t without their issues, being prepared for any little obstacle can help you close the sale. The client might have concerns or questions for you, you will need to be able to put them at ease relatively quickly to close the sale.
  1. If you have a client that is dragging their feet, put some pressure on them. You need to let them know that this is a limited time discount; you should be able to motivate the customer to make a decision sooner.
  1. Don’t be a sales person that has the sole purpose of closing, we have all been in that uncomfortable situation. Let the product or service shine through, have a relaxed persona to ensure that the client feel s comfortable to ask questions before making their decision.

Do you need to brush up your sales skills? Contact us for more information on our sales and marketing courses.

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