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8 skills you need to nurture as an accountant October 11, 2018

8 skills you need to nurture as an accountant

8 skills you need to nurture as an accountant

Accountants are used for most businesses whether they are big or small. The accountants are there to protect the financial integrity of the organisation. We are overwhelmed by technology that can help us with every aspect of our lives, there are accounting software such as Xero or Quickbooks but these are only as good as the accountant running them.

Accounting software needs to be managed by someone with different financial accounting techniques which is something business owners might not have.

When directors and owners of organisations decide not to hire an accountant it’s mainly because they are trying to save money for the organisation. This is a massive blunder that sometimes gets overlooked. A good accountant will be a worthwhile investment that in turn will help the company to save money in the long run.

A company that is starting up will need a good accountant to provide advice on what type of accounting model is best suited for the business. The accountant will assist in making decisions that will help you maximise your profit. They will be able to advice and guide through the business plan and give you a more professional outlook.

Here are a few skills that you need to nurture as an accountant:

  1. In this technological world an accountant must be knowledgeable in general IT and accounting software. Cloud accounting is the new breakthrough technology in the accounting industry. The cloud ensures that you can access your data anytime and anywhere through different platforms. Many clients will be IT literate so the accountant needs to also be up to scratch.
  1. Communication is key for accountants, they will need to communicate to people from across the world as well as directors and CEO’s of the company. You will need to need to communicate over the phone and face to face meetings. You will be dealing with complex financial discussions so will need to relay information clearly and concisely.
  1. An accountant needs to be great at problem solving, they need to be able to think outside the box and solve new problems as they arise. This is a skill that you can develop whilst attending financial training courses.
  1. You need to be an expert in the accounting industry, you will need to be aware of any changes being made in the industry. Finance training helps you to keep in the know about the industry.
  1. It is important for an accountant working in public sector to be able to build a strong relationship with current customer to ensure that you retain them as well as being able to attract new customers.
  1. The accountant needs to be able to adapt to different situations, clients have new expectations and can now collaborate and work with new customers in real time.
  1. Honesty is highly valued In the accounting world, having high ethical standards are treated with high importance. Decision making needs to be transparent, providing advice and completing tasks.
  1. Accountants need to make strategic decisions to help clients to improve their profits. They will need to have strong commercial skill.

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