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Concept and importance of office management16 April 2018

Concept and importance of office management

Concept and importance of office management

What is office management?

Office management is the technique of planning, organising, coordinating and controlling office activities with a view to achieving business objectives. The outcome of good office management is the efficient and effective performance of the entire business.

The success of a business depends upon the efficiency of its office. The volume of paper work in offices has increased due to industrialisation, population explosion, government control and application of various tax and labour laws. Efficiency and effectiveness, which are keywords in management are achieved only through proper planning and control of activities, reduction of office costs and coordination of all activities of business.

An office without organisation is unthinkable. Office management is needed in all organisations. It manages support services of various departments in the organisation. No organisation can run effectively without efficient office management. Office management is needed at all levels of management.

The importance of office management can be explained with following points:

  • Smooth flow of work:

Office management helps to maintain a close relationship between the different departments and people. It regularly supplies order, command, and instruction to different people. It performs various functions like planning, organising, controlling, staffing, supervising, motivating and effective leadership. Therefore, office management brings smoothness in work.

  • Achievement of goals

Office management helps in increasing office efficiency, smooth flow of work, maintaining public relations, minimisation of cost, managing change and accepting the new challenges which help in achievement of goals of the organisation.

  • Optimum use of resource:

The Office Manager uses human and non-human resource for the achievement of the business objective. In the systematically managed office, the manager develops systems and procedures to make effective use of the resource. It helps to reduce wastage of time, resource, and misuse of the resource. It helps for maximum utilization of the resource.

  • Minimization of cost

Office management/manager guides the use of capital, natural, financial, human and other resources effectively without leakage and wastages which helps in minimization of cost.

  • Managing change

Office management helps in the implementation of plans at right time and in the right way. But, there may be change in resources, needs, technology preferences and so on, which makes it necessary to bring about the change in plans. Office management makes the office flexible which helps to manage the change.

  • Maintain co-ordination

The office works as a co-ordinate of different unit of business and people. It regularly supplies updated information to required people and department. The regular communication avoids conflict, misunderstanding. Therefore, office management promotes co-ordination

  • Helps in Maintaining Office Efficiency

Management helps in maintaining efficiency in an office. A manager not only performs and produces results, but also does it in the most efficient manner so as to contribute towards profit generation.

  • Managing Survival and Growth

Office management plays an important role in keeping the organisation alive. Change in technology and methods must be anticipated and adapted for survival and growth. It is only management which can do so and molds the enterprise in such a changing environment.

  • Dynamic approach

Today’s business environment is continuously changing. Office management is a well dynamic concept. It will collect the information regarding changes in the environment and suggest to apply them in business. Systematic office management promotes research and development to address changes in the market.

  • Provide innovation

The systematic office is always adopting new changes. It has appropriate facilities for research. It encourages and motivates the employee to work in new environment adopt change. It helps for expansion and diversification.

  • Provides Leadership

Management provides leadership by influencing and guiding office personnel. Managers influence his subordinates to work willingly for achieving organizational goals.

  • Maintaining Public Relations:

Office management helps in improving public relations and increasing goodwill of an enterprise by dealing with grievances of consumers and general public.

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