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What is a Mini MBA? And how can it benefit me?13 September 2022

What is a Mini MBA? And how can it benefit me?

What is a Mini MBA? And how can it benefit me?

A Mini MBA (Master of Business Administration) training course offers delegates an accelerated business program, allowing professionals to upskill and excel in their chosen careers – without committing to years of study.

It’s an ideal learning choice for those looking to supplement their business education as it’s a shorter, more agile MBA format than the traditional full-time MBA or business degree.

The Mini MBA in a nutshell

Essentially, a Mini MBA concentrates what would usually be up to two years of content into an extremely focused period of three to five days.

For many business owners, entrepreneurs and leadership teams, full-time study is not possible, but a Mini MBA can give delegates the most vital information delivered in a time-efficient manner.

To qualify as a Mina MBA, the course must contain less than one hundred hours of study, and the content is usually delivered in a week-long intensive classroom setting, or over a longer period of one or two lessons a month.

Who will benefit from a Mini MBA?

At London TFE our Mini MBA courses are designed for people who want to enhance their knowledge of business concepts, or those in management who do not have a traditional business background.

Others may simply want to explore a Mini MBA as a ‘taster’ before embarking on a full business degree to help them progress in their career.

Our Mini MBA courses have been designed for professionals across many industries, including finance, human resources, engineering, purchasing and business management, with courses tailored to specific industry sectors.

What topics are included with a Mini MBA?

All our Mini MBA courses have slightly different curricula, but there are some common foundations that you will learn in all our Mini MBA programmes.

You will learn the fundamentals of business, the drivers that lead to success in modern business and develop critical thinking skills and decision-making techniques.

Courses also promote the advantages of networking and how to improve communications at all levels from junior staff to the C-suite level.

Mini MBAs are rising in popularity

In a fast-paced business world, many employers are turning to Mini MBA training to help employees develop their skills and business knowledge. For employers, the Mini MBA offers a concise way to help them upskill their employees with minimal time or financial investment.

Almost all the knowledge gained via a Mini MBA is transferable and beneficial to any aspect of management – from leadership to strategy and communication.

As a Mini MBA is less of a commitment than a business degree, it’s also rapidly rising in popularity with full-time workers who are eager to learn and progress without the time and expense of full-time learning – or interfering too much with daily life.

With over 554,000 part-time students in the UK* there has never been a better time to enrol for a Mini MBA course with London TFE – either at our state-of-the-art training facilities in London or in 25+ other beautiful locations across the globe.

Our courses are CPD accredited and delivered by world-class trainers in an informative, educational, and entertaining classroom-style setting. To find out more about a Mini MBA with London TFE, contact our friendly team or browse our Mini MBA Courses:

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