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What qualities make an excellent project manager?15 March 2022

What qualities make an excellent project manager?

What qualities make an excellent project manager?

An excellent project manager is worth their weight in gold – even more so in a post-pandemic world where hybrid working means teams are not always physically together.

To coordinate a project successfully you need to be a strategic player who can execute and deliver projects within a defined scope. If you are looking to enhance your project management skills to develop your career and stand out from the crowd, here are some of the key attributes that a top project manager should possess:

Communication Skills

A top-notch project manager will have a clear communication style that instils confidence in stakeholders that their expectations and outcomes will be consistently met.

Project managers should have effective written and verbal communication skills to clearly set out the goals and responsibilities required to bring the project to fruition.

Want to become a better communicator? We have a range of courses designed to train project managers on how to influence, negotiate and communicate positively.

Leadership Skills

If you are new to a role in project management, it can take time to build your confidence as a strong leader. Leadership skills allow you to motivate - and maintain accountability – while developing trust and integrity with stakeholders.

Of course, an excellent project manager must also be able to steer their project back on course if the unexpected happens by utilising their leadership skills to overcome adversity and ensure the project’s success.

Develop your team leadership style, learn effective delegation skills and improve your people management skills with London Training’s leadership and management courses.

Problem-Solving Skills

Issues frequently arise at all stages of a project – and a first-class project manager should have the problem-solving and decision-making skills to overcome challenges before they have a chance to concern stakeholders or jeopardise deadlines.

External factors, conflict and other uncertainties are likely to occur during the project. If you’d like to develop your problem-solving skills, learn how to make the best decisions under pressure or resolve conflicts, then we have a suite of professional, interactive training courses to help you.

Inspire Change

Projects inevitably generate change within an organisation – and change can make team members feel uncomfortable. Project leaders can help others to see the bigger picture and inspire them to participate fully.

Our Change Management training course can teach project managers how to encourage their teams to realise the project and embrace changes to their business environment.

Business Acumen

A good head for business is an essential project leadership skill, and knowing the basics of business means that the project manager will understand how the project fits into the bigger picture.

Business acumen also helps leaders to make better decisions about the delivery of the project, ensuring that it adds real business value at every step of the way - from conception to completion.

Join LONDONTFE for a masterclass in project management

In an ever-changing world, managing projects is more complex than ever before. But with the right support from our first-class trainers, it doesn’t have to be.

If you are looking to stand head and shoulders above the competition, let London Training help you to take your career in project management to the next level.

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