Where to study HR management

Where to study HR management

What is HR management?

Human Resource management is a function within a company that looks at recruitment and how it provides direction for the people who work for the organisation. Employees in HR are usually involved in different processes and programmes that are implemented within the company. The HR department provide the necessary knowledge, tools, training, legal advice and manage the talent within the organisation.

In most high profile companies the HR department are responsible for developing an inviting culture within the company. They will be tasked with providing insight to managers and directors of how to build teams and inspire employees. This can include employee and community outreach work. They are seen as mentors, setting up employee engagement activities and events that involve employee families.

The human resource teams have surpassed the days where they took direction from the executive teams as their priority. HR is now expected to be the ones to executive processes, approaches and business solutions that can help the organisations. The new human resource management need to demonstrate their value by keeping the employer and organisation safe from lawsuits that can result in the demise of an organisation. They perform a balancing act that helps all the stakeholders in the business be happy.

Responsibilities of HR manager

  • Maintaining a pay plan by conducting pay surveys, job evaluations, preparing pay budgets and implementing pay structure revisions.
  • Planning, monitoring work appraisals of employees will result in the training managers to coach or discipline employees. They are also involved in hearing and resolving employee grievances.
  • The HR team are responsible for employee benefits programs and informs employees of these benefits.
  • The HR team ensure that all legal compliance is monitored and implemented; they will conduct investigations, maintain records and represent the organisation at hearings.

London TFE offer a strategic human resource courses, hr courses are very popular as many people would like to go into this field. HR management courses will address how firms can manage HR as a source of competitive advantage.  You will look at a wide array of HR perspectives and address the manner in which these perspectives are applied in different contexts.

The course is available all over the world so if you are looking at where to study HR management? Contact us to find out more about the human resources courses available at London TFE.

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