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A day in the life of an office manager September 11, 2018

A day in the life of an office manager

A day in the life of an office manager

Office managers can be recognised as business office managers or even service managers. They are responsible for making sure that the company’s staff are running smoothly. This can be different depending on the size of the company, the office manager can organise a large amount of administrative assistants or working with one or two people in a smaller office. They are also responsible for making sure that the office is running smoothly. They will be the person that looks at the supplies in stock, making sure that staff are doing their job, events are planned and making sure facilities are clean and orderly.

Office managers enrol on many management training programs to ensure that their office management skills are up to scratch. The educational requirements for this role is usually a foundation degree and some added office manager training. They need to show management skills, strong understanding of how the business works, experience with ordering supplies and managing office machinery.

The office manager has many tasks to complete during the day, here are some of their duties:

Financial duties

Usually for smaller organisations, the office manager is responsible for many different financial tasks. They often monitor and record expenses for employees, manage the petty cash for the organisation, managing a budget and looking at overdue accounts. They are usually responsible for monitoring the working hours to ensure that employees are handing in the correct hours. They may also handle holiday forms and assist with tax returns. In bigger organisations these tasks will be performed by the finance and hr department.

Administrative duties

The office manager might create and maintain filing systems to plan and implement office systems. Other responsibilities such as identifying the needs of the reception and kitchen areas might not seem to be the office manager’s job but usually it’s under their remit. They will make sure that all the supplies for these areas are ordered and stocked to ensure that all the staff are happy and productive. They might also be told to develop, implement and maintain policies, procedures and work schedules.

Managerial duties

The managerial duties usually depend on the size and the structure of the organisation. They usually are asked to manage the evaluating and improving office procedures. Their responsibility is also with employees and informing them of any procedure changes. They are also responsible for supervising junior office admin staff. If there isn’t a HR department then they will portray any company changes to the rest of the staff members. They will also show new employees around.

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