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Are media courses in London expensive? December 12, 2018

Are media courses in London expensive?

Are media courses in London expensive?

The media training course we offer is ideal for marketing, PR personnel and frontline staff who would like basic tips for dealing with the media.

The media courses agenda typically includes:

  • Raising profile - why PR is important
  • What motivates journalists
  • How to identify a story
  • What happens when you talk to journalists - and after
  • Alternatives to the News Release
  • The impact of social media in news gathering and reporting
  • Selling your story (practical session)
  • How to write and present News Release
  • Writing skills (practical session)
  • How to prepare for interview
  • How to take control
  • Interview skills (practical introduction)

Are media courses in London expensive?

Many employers ask how much they should be spending on training courses. There is no easy answer, of course. It depends on what you are trying to achieve, how skilled your employees are, and what your priorities are.

Media and digital media courses can be designed according to the individual needs of clients, so it isn’t possible to give a standard set of prices. The cost is based on a range of factors including number of participants, media to be covered, and location of training.

Interested in the media industry? Contact us to find out more information about the media courses we can offer you at London TFE.

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