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Best 8 things about being an accountant August 9, 2018

Best 8 things about being an accountant

Best 8 things about being an accountant

What is an accountant?

An accountant is a person who records different business transactions on behalf of an organisation. They also report on company performance to management and issue different financial statements. They will use many different financial accounting techniques that they have learnt during their finance training.

Here are some of an accountant’s duties:

  • An accountant might be involved with issuing an invoice to a customer which includes recording sale and the receivable that results with it.
  • They might be responsible for issuing salaries to employees as part of the management team, this also involves recording expenses and cash flows.
  • Reconciling a bank statement which can make positive and negative adjustments to the cash accounts.
  • Receiving invoices from suppliers and recording expenses and assets.

Best 8 things about being an accountant:

  1. The first best thing about being an accountant is the flexibility you have in the role. People tend to believe that an accountant does the same things on a daily basis but this is not true. There is a lot of flexibility in where and how you work. Forensic accounting, wealth management and government work are all different fields you can get into.
  1. There a lot of responsibilities involved in working with people’s finances, so you are respected because of your job.
  1. Whilst completing your financial accounting courses you know that one day you will help someone’s business take off. Being able to help with the back office means that you play a huge role in customer satisfaction.
  1. Accounting was a male dominated field previously so a lot of people are trying to hire more women into the work force so If you are a woman looking for a job in accounting you have more of a chance of finding one.
  1. You will be able to travel as accounting can be done from home, it means that you won’t need to be in the office all the time. If you own your own accounting firm, then you can work remotely from your home location.
  1. The earning potential for an accountant is high as an average salary in the UK is around £50,000, this can be boosted if you take on free-lance work around April when taxes are due.
  1. If you work for a big organisation, they may help and pay for you to get qualified as a charted accountant. This will make you desirable to many different companies.
  1. There is a high demand for accountants, for career stability it is excellent and a good choice. People always need someone to manage their accountancy needs so there is never short of work.

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