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Chemical engineering for non-chemical engineers April 11, 2019

Chemical engineering for non-chemical engineers

Chemical engineering for non-chemical engineers.

Whether you are a chemical engineer or not, working within the chemical industries can be dynamic and fast paced, offering a lot of opportunities for growth. Chemical industries are booming around the world as new technologies and breakthroughs continue to develop. With the advance of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in these sectors the progress will continue!

The employees of a chemical engineering company can be extremely varied in specialisations and roles. If you are not a chemical engineer but work in the industry you may be:

- A team member specialising in a different field of engineering or science. For example you may be a production engineer, petroleum engineer or a plant chemist.

- A team member in a non-technical area of the company in one of the many essential business departments it takes to run an organisation. For example human resources, marketing, finance or business administration.

- An employee of a company that works in partnership with chemical engineers or has a client base of chemical engineers. Examples may be research companies, marketing agencies or even consultancy firms.

Whatever the situation, you may sometimes find it hard to have a good understanding of chemical engineering issues affecting your role and the company you work for, industry wide chemical engineering news or worldwide chemical engineering trends.

In general, it may be hard to communicate with chemical engineers that are colleagues and team members as there is a lack of knowledge in chemical engineering terminology, processes, policies or procedures.

For some roles this is a major drawback as it is extremely important to be able to keep up with and understand the latest trends, news and issues in your industry. Marketing for example is a department that must keep up to date with current trends, news, issues, social media hashtags, events, exhibitions publications and press releases.

Without staying up-to-date in the industry, marketing professionals risk missing out on promotional opportunities, risk falling behind competitors and risk losing customer engagement due to sharing content that is both outdated and off topic.

Further to this, marketing departments should be working hand in hand with their chemical engineering colleagues to deliver promotional documents that are extremely technical to address specific target markets. White papers, case studies and capability statements that highlight the superior achievements and capabilities of a chemical company can be extremely important in demonstrating the abilities that set them apart from competitors.

Do you work for a chemical, petrochemical, oil, gas or processing company but not as a chemical engineer?

If you would like to gain a better understanding of chemical engineering and how to discuss issues with chemical engineers in your team, company or client base, why not consider our training course, ‘Chemical engineering for non-chemical engineers.’

We understand it is important to be able to communicate with everyone in your team regardless of technical draw-backs so our training is here to help!

If you would like some more information please contact or follow the link below to view the course.

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Chemical Engineering for Non Chemical Engineers

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