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Everything you need to know about Emotional Intelligence. July 10, 2019

Everything you need to know about Emotional Intelligence.

Everything you need to know about Emotional Intelligence.


What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence is critical to your success in business, whether you are a team member, manager or leader. It is a skill that allows us to sense, understand and effectively direct and regulate emotions to resolve conflict, to motivate others and to influence positive organisational results.

Emotional Intelligence includes the ability to:

  • Read the emotions of other people.
  • To respond appropriately to other people’s emotions.
  • To regulate personal emotions.
  • To use emotion to motivate the reactions in others that you want to achieve within business.

Emotional Intelligence is a skill we need increasingly within business, it is appropriate not just for leaders and managers but also for team members.


Why does Emotional Intelligence matter?

Organisations are made up not just of systems, processes and technology – people are at the heart of every organisation. We provide services for people and the organisation is directed by people; no great organisation sustained performance without first having a great people culture.

We need to understand how people work and how emotions can affect their behaviour and the outcomes that we achieve in an organisation

Evidently understanding and raising your Emotional Intelligence is essential to:

  • Your success and leadership potential.
  • Your self-awareness.
  • Achieving effective skills of emotional distancing.
  • How you respond and communicate with others.
  • How you make requests in a way that fosters co-operation rather than resistance.

Hard skills and technical and professional accomplishments are not enough to achieve professional excellence – today’s global business demands more from our leaders, particularly professionals working across different cultures and different time barriers. To advance your career you are expected as a professional to know how to influence others, how to nurture others and how to use the appropriate communication styles at the right time. Emotional intelligence is an essential skill in the effective professional’s toolkit.


How do we achieve Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional intelligence starts with self-awareness and a clear understanding of what your current level is right now. It looks at the effective skills of emotional distancing so that we don’t take things personally in the workplace, it is about how we respond and communicate with others and how you make requests in a way that facilitates cooperation rather than resistance.

Harmonious relationships between colleagues, suppliers and teams developed through Emotional Intelligence enhance workplace performance and increase effective communication in teams.

Emotional Intelligence can also help unlock creativity in the workplace, create synergy in teams and build nurturing behaviours towards projects and tasks in the workplace. This will help us achieve our aims more effectively and to have greater impact.


We can help you develop Emotional Intelligence.

London TFE’s training programme will teach you how to understand the What, Why and How of Emotional Intelligence.

You will learn how emotion can influence everything you do, and the results that you achieve, how to apply it to your leadership and teamwork in the workplace to enhance performance. Also in your day to day life!

To find out more about London Training for Excellence’s training course, Emotional Intelligence: The Key To Great Leadership, follow the link below or contact

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