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Finance for Non-Financial Managers June 12, 2019

Finance for Non-Financial Managers

Finance for Non-Financial Managers 

If you are not a financial professional and do not work with finances directly as part of your current role, chances are the thought of dealing with financial and accounting terms, budgets and forecasts will make you feel uncomfortable! You are not alone! Don’t put dealing with finances off any longer!

Finance is an essential part of every organisation. All day to day business operations have financial implications and it is vital for employees to understand the financial implications of their roles and actions and how the organisation is impacted overall.

All managers are valued experts in their technical and operational fields as it takes many different skills coming together to make an organisation run smoothly and successfully. Despite this non-financial experts who don’t have any financial knowledge can often face obstacles in completing financial tasks related to their role. Even more of a concern, these professionals may even face obstacles in their typical career progression into senior management roles that require planning and strategy due to their lack of financial understanding and integration of finance in their role.

While some non-financial professionals can rely on their finance team for help, this is not always the case! Outsourcing financial tasks that are your responsibility can also be risky as you may lose control of the task or there may be some miscommunication or misunderstanding with the task.

There is no denying that upskilling in finance is a huge advantage no matter what department or area of expertise you work in. By enhancing your knowledge in financial areas, you will gain a better understanding overall of the business world you reside in!

By increasing your financial knowledge, you will be able to confidently provide direct input and take the lead on financial matters that relate directly to your role. You will be able to confidently discuss finances with other managers and your finance team, contributing valuable insights and strategies. Further to these benefits by increasing your skill set in finance you will give yourself a competitive advantage in the workforce when looking to progress further in your career and unlock further opportunities.

Instead of running away from finance, why not tackle it head on! London Training for Excellence offers a wonderful course that is designed specifically for managers working in non-financial areas with limited knowledge or experience in finance, to explore the world of finance and increase their finance skills and knowledge. The course is called Finance for Non-Financial Managers.

Delegates of the course will achieve the following outcomes as well as many more!

  • How to comprehend finance terminology with fluency.
  • The ability to assess and understand financial documents.
  • The development of a clear idea of analysis techniques.
  • The ability to identify the linkage between financial objectives and organisational strategy.
  • An understanding of how to increase profits and reduce expenses by using numbers in decision making.
  • How to create an action plan based on organisational finances and potential organisational profits.


Don’t let a lack of financial knowledge hold you back anymore, contact for more information or follow the link below to view the course.

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Finance for Non-Financial Managers

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