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How to avoid becoming a stagnant leader. May 15, 2019

How to avoid becoming a stagnant leader.

How to avoid becoming a stagnant leader.

Leaders who are involved in the long-term planning, strategy and influencing of their organisations, will face many challenges. One of the not-so-obvious challenges faced by leaders is to not become stagnant in the way that they lead or operate.

Even if a business is very successful, leaders should always be proactive in their approach to leading and managing their business. Leaders should always be looking at ways to improve, innovate, increase efficiency and stay ahead of the marketplace and other competitors.

It can be extremely dangerous for leaders to become stagnant or set in their ways of leading, as a stagnant leader will not be able to keep up with new innovations, new technology and the everchanging business landscape in general.

An easy solution for leaders to ensure that they don’t become stagnant, is to ensure that they take part in training to allow themselves to grow and develop their leadership skills, knowledge and network. London Training for Excellence offers many courses that are perfect for leaders looking to do this.

One of the many courses targeted at proactive leaders, is running next month in Amsterdam. It is titled, “Advanced techniques: Strategic thinking and business planning.”

This course is perfect for leaders looking to improve, innovate, widen and freshen their perspective. This outcome is evident in the learning objectives listed below. These are not the only learning objectives for the course but merely a snapshot into what you will be learning.

- Analyse your current business strategy and recommend changes and improvements.

- Review your business and understand its strengths and weaknesses.

- Understand the external business environment in which your business operates.

- Review your corporate missions, objectives, strategy and tactics.

- Review and discuss business vision, mission, objectives, strategy and tactics.

- Analyse your competitors and use benchmarking tactics.

- Use models, matrices and other theoretical approaches to analyse your business externally and internally.

If you are a leader looking to stay proactive and avoid becoming stagnant, why not consider a London Training for Excellence course. With over 300 courses available in over 21 locations, it is easy to find a course and location that suits you and suits your needs as a leader.

Enquire today at or call give us a call on +44 20 7183 6657

Hope to hear from you soon!

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